There really isn't a need to explain what is Yoga. Everyone knows and heard about Yoga due to its benefits not only to the body but also to the mind. Yoga is believed to be able to transform stress, anxiety, ill-health, unhappiness and anger into peacefullness, vibrant health and love.

Yoga consists of various poses that give your body flexibility, strengthening of muscle and even reduce fat build-up. More importantly, these poses help improve blood circulation and functioning of specific organs in the body. Another element of Yoga is the proper breathing methods. These help you to purify the energy that passes through your body. Proper breathing techniques in Yoga are an effective tool to calm, energize, harmonise and tranquillise the body and mind. All Yoga poses are to be properly coordinated with inhalation, exhalation and holding of breath.

Yoga-lates is a comprehensive exercise system which fuses both the practices of yoga and pilates. This exercise can enhance strength, stamina, flexibility, balance and mental clarity. Each session will includes standing poses (asanas) as well as floor works to built and tone the “core” stomach and back muscles. At the end of each session, a short relaxation will aim to soothe the nervous system as well as releases stress.  

Please join us now to experience the calmness and peace of Yoga.