I just came back from HK. I never expected a fitness centre like Zero, I feel that Zero's positive energy and the homely atmosphere which is very different from other fitness centers I joined before. I 100% feels how Zero help people to exercise with sincere heart especially every Zero instructor is really passionate in conducting the classes which have truly impressed me.

Patricia Chan


Becoming Zero member for a few months, I have seen positive results and it has a strong base. The functional workouts that provided are interesting. Zero has good facilities.



I am so happy to be in Zero. I have lost nearly 3kg in only 3 weeks. I love to be in workout class because it is more effective. Thank you Zero! Love you guys!



I am so happy to be in Zero. I am so proud to be Zeros' family. Zero always the best for us.



Great! Great! Great!.....for exercise, regardless rain or shine!

Ong Bee Theng


Became Zero member over 8 years . Proud of Zero, proud of myself. Built up foundation of stamina and toning. Zero, you deserved for it.

Ooi Siew Peng


This is my first workout class and I really enjoy the classes I attended. A friend of mine didn't see me two weeks surprised that I had toned up my body shape and that's amazing. I do feel fresh and energetic after workout.

Lynda Tan

The classes are very effective, it enables me to keep fit and being healthy. I have lots of fun too.



Being a member and instructor of the Zero, is something really important to me! I always thankful about knowing so many colleagues who are serious in conveying the knowledge of fitness to students and students who made me feel always want to give them more!

Lilian Yap


Instructors are very friendly. I enjoyed the classes. Thank you to all staff and teacher Conny.  

Toh Gaik Suan


It's great. I like both the dance and workout together. Enjoyable and effective for keeping fit.



Friendly staff, a wide range of equipment, a comfortable environment. All of an affortable price. A great place to keep fit!


Jeremy Ooi


A good way to distress and loose weight at a reasonable price. 



Zero Fitness is good but if with some bathroom then will be better. I will really appreciate if there will have some promotion for the existing member.

Ng Torng Eei


Good and experienced instructors. Comfortable and conducive environment.

Ng Shih Wein


The instructors are professional and friendly, they show us the correct way of workout and dance. The staff are very helpful and friendly too. The envrionment of Zero Fitness is comfortable.

Janet Kok


Conny really breaks down the steps of bellydance into easy to understand sequences. I like that I can progress in this beautiful art from beginner to advance level. The choreographies are really fun and challenges my skills. Her studio is spacious and comfortable. Thank you Conny for your patience in teaching. Your passion inspires me to want to learn more and improve myself. xoxo

Sheryl Lee
Belly Dance


The location is strategic with ample parking space. The Zero's instructors and staffs are friendly. There are many types of workout classes available for members and the members are easy to get along.

Lanny Lay


For 6 years I have been a Zero's member and never quit since. I enjoyed all the workout classes given by good and experience instructors. You will never feel bored because there are many types of workout and dance. Zero is a place where you can feel at ease and be yourself when doing workout. It is a place you would like to go everyday because you can have fun, meet new friends, destress and keep fit. An established dance studio. Thanks to our creative and hardworking Lim Conny. Keep it up and keep improving. Cheers!

Mary Wong


Zero has different types of workout classes that caters to every individual. Its instructors are committed, approachable and very friendly. It is a good place to destress especially after work and most importantly it is a great place to have a healthy lifestyle.

As for belly dancing, besides being taught the proper techniques, Miss Conny's passion in sharing this lovely art and her teaching method makes the class more fun. Her patience especially in guiding us over and over to improve ourselves shows her commitment and unselfishness in imparting her knowledge.

Lisa Khoo
Belly dance & Workout


After attending those workout classes, I feel fresh, more energetic and not getting tired so easily. Thanks to Ee' Liz and Joann. And I Would also like to thanks to the front desk assistant too, because they are the one who greet and flash their sweet smile to us the first thing we enter the studio. Each and everyone of the staff is doing a great job. Thanks again.

Wendy Wong

I have been staying with Zero for 8 years (since 2004). Zero is a very homey studio. Members are friendly, instructors are passionate, staff are helpful. I ejoyed my workout very much at Zero.

Emily Wong

  I have been following Teacher Conny's dancing class since 2001 and it is more than a decade now. I started dancing with ZERO confident, technique and skill but now I can dance like a Heroine with confident and mastering the techniques and skills... same as the ZERO fitness's slogan.
Teacher Conny, definitely a passionate professional dancer, choreographer and instructor, whom turns impossible to possible.
An experienced and passionate dance teacher like her can turn those impossible dance movements thought by students to possible and easily mastered by students. In addition, with her good rapport build up with students in class enable students to dance with open heart, stress-free and full of confidence. Thank you teacher Conny.  
Teng Kee Tuan
Belly Dance  

A great, friendly teacher. I like the way Conny tackle her students, especially gaining our attention while we are not paying attention in class. Overall, i'm satisfy and to evaluate, i would say "Very Good".

Lina Fong

Belly Dance


I am happy to learn belly dancing from teacher Conny. As i would be assured that i learn it correctly as she is professional and definitely a high expectation teacher.

Cheah phaik choon

Belly Dance


Conny is a great teacher. It would be good if we can have more practise before the class ends each time (with music, please).

Khoo Lay Khuan

Belly Dance


A very good dancer, teacher & choreographer. She is so creative and also a patient person. We have a lot of funs in her class and I'm very enjoy it. Thanks Conny!

Ng Yin Cheng

Belly Dance  


You are a great teacher! I enjoy very much in your class. Your dance beautifully, hope that the belly dance's class will be as enjoy as ever. Hope that you will teach us more & more fantastic belly dance in future!

Joyce Khoo
Belly Dance  
Candy Phoon
Belly Dance
You are a great teacher. Love your teaching, hope to attend more workshop teach by you. Thanks for being a great teacher.
Angel Ng
Belly Dance
The class is FUN   ! Just that i am a bit slow (lazy I suppose)………喜欢班上的气氛,但就是常常因为工作而不能到,是有点担心拖到全班的进展。说真的是有点想放弃,但却是有点舍不得这群朋友,真的希望还可以continue!!   !!
Vicky Choo Wei Lin
Belly Dance
Feel great & excited coming to your class. Like envy your ability to choreographys. Fantastic ! Shall follow your steps.
Pei Sun
Belly Dance
Conny, i like the way you teach and i appreciate all the experiences you share with us. Looking forward to see more your performance and thank you for your patience and support start from the first day i joined Zero Fitness.
Lim Chin Huey
Belly Dance
Thank you so much you are giving your patience to teach me, and have given opportunity to let me continue until choreography's lever. The way you teach is very detail and i enjoy the class, because no tension some more fun. Hope can learn more from you. Wishing all the best to you!
Weberlynn Tan
Belly Dance
Yes i like you, the way you teach us Belly Dancing, but must try to remember, this is the only problem i have.
Yeoh Guan Im
Belly Dance
Kimmy Seh
Belly Dance                           

I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Conny  when she hosted me for an event in Penang in May 2009. Ms. Conny was a gracious hostess who made me feel very welcomed in her beautiful country, after a 33 hour journey from the US, I always hope that I will be greeted with this kind of hospitality. She went above and beyond her obligations and took me sight seeing to many of the great attractions in her city.  I had a great pleasure getting to know this kind and generous woman who shared her rich culture and heritage with me and taught me a very important Chinese Proverb that I now live by, "Today is better than yesterday and worse than tomorrow".  I love the idea that our best days are always ahead of us. I left Penang, Malaysia with not just beautiful memories but a new friend!! Thank you Conny.

With Love,

Children's Protection Society, Pulau Pinang would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelf thank you for your support for our Open Day 2008.Your contributions had made our event more successful and would like to thank the parents of the children for allowing them to perform.Once again thank you very much.

A letter of appreciation from Children's Protection Society,Pulau Pinang


"A smooth path for a talented child to unearth his/her untapped potentials, has always been blocked by the pressure of home work as well as the high expectatin from his/her parents. Dancing is one of the alternatives that can help the child to be happy. Miss Conny is a dancing instructor who has undergone various professional trainings. Once the music starts, she will lead the children to the path of happiness; a step-by-step and guided path. The graceful dance steps will easily bring the children to the next threshold of happiness. They will easily feel the true meaning of dances. This will enable them to enjoy countless of happiness and self satisfaction."

Tadika Arena Ceria


"We organize moon cake festival for residents in Batu Uban Constituency every year. Last 2 years, we invited The Zero's kids dancers to perform at our events. I was impressed with this lively dance group comprising of kids from 5 to 12 years old with dancing talent. Their performance was quite exotic and amazing that pulled the crowd especially the children. We could see our little audiences really enjoyed the show and they even follow to move their body down stage. It is glad to see such a high quality little dance group in Penang. Thanks to Zero's little dancers, and most of all, their professional trainer in contributing to the success of our events."

Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri Pulau Pinang


"Zero Fitness Dance Studio took part in our Charity Food Fair that was held on 27 June 2006. A team of 10 children participated and performed 3 dances. They danced very well and the crowd enjoyed the show."

Director of Nursing, Gleneagles Medical Centre, Penang


"The management of Fitness Pro would like to sincerely thanks The Zero Fitness Dance Studio for your kind contribution in performing at our company's 15th Anniversary Dinner with your Aerobics and Belly Dancing. The outstanding performance really created a wave of sensation for my guests. It's not only a Fitness Sports and Exercise and it's also a performance to create healthy lifestyle for the nation. Your feat in that auspicious night is highly appreciated. Thank you. "

A letter of appreciation from, DAVID P C TAN
Management of Fitness Pro


"Zero Fitness demo & performance at Sunshine Farlim Hypermarket & Sunshine Square Bayan Baru have successfully attracted good crowds and, further add festivity touch to our store's ambience. This centre is all-rounder with various specialization for people from all age group. Their Students are talented and provide energetic performance. Overall, Zero is a perfect partner to promote healthy lifestyle."

Sunshine Wholesale Mart Sdn. Bhd.


"On behalf of Mount Mirian Hospital, we would like to convey our sincere thanks and gratitude to yourself, staffs and children of Zero Fitness Dance Studio for participating in the Light of Hope Cancer Awareness Performances. The event went on successful with the help from all of you. We are indeed grateful for the support you have given us. Thank you once again."

A thank you note from
Mr. ANDY WEE (Chief Executive Officer) & Sr. ISOBEL LOONG (Franciscan Missionaries of the Divine Motherhood)
Mount Miriam Hospital Cancer Centre


"This is the first time we watched belly dance show and we were so impressed! We are happy that all of our guests enjoyed the show as well. The dance group from Zero has really bring elegance and joy to our wedding dinner. We strongly recommend to other couples that are planning for a special and eventful wedding dinner to invite the Zero belly dancers as part of the night event. It will be a decision that you will never regret."

Happily married 


"On my birthday last year, I had a grand celebration in one of the hotels in Penang and I was delighted that Conny and my fellow dancers mate were there to brighten up my birthday with not only 1 dance but 4 dances! As a birthday girl of the night, I was happy to sit back and enjoy the show. It was a memorable night for me. And I thank the Zero belly dancers for doing such a special and enjoyable show at my party."

Kindergarden Teacher, Zero's Belly Dancer and Teacher