Special Programmes

For those who need special assistance from us, we have the following programmes install for you at Zero!

Programme Description
Private Lesson Private Lesson is for individuals or professionals that need personal coaching and guidance to improve their knowledge and techniques on any dance classes that are available in Zero. You may call us to request for any of the dances that you would like to enroll.
Choreography We can help if you would like us to choreograph dances for your events or private functions. In this special programme, we teach and make sure you master the choreography created just for you.
Performance If you are looking for dancers to brighten up your events and functions, we have the Zero dancers that will be able to add colours to your functions. Click here to get more details.
Professional Instructor Course If you are ready to be a fitness or dance instructor, then, this is the programme for you! The courses here will be conducted on one to one basis by our very own principal, Conny. Click here to get more details.

On top of these, Zero also conducts Yoga and Pilates Tools classes!