Rhythm of Desert - Professional Instructor Course

Rhythm of Desert

A professional instructor belly dance course that containes a total of 6 beautiful routines for beginners to intermediates, practicing full body movements from head to toes. These beautiful routines help belly dance students learn and drill belly dance's techniques and movements gradually.

Routine # 1 - "Dum"

Practicing basic steps from hip sway, hip pop, shimmy, hip lift, hip drop, beautiful arms movements and basic arm positions.

Routine # 2 - "Dum Dum"

A faster drum beat to help beginners enhance their hips, strength in doing twist, drop kick, shoulder shimmy, Egyptian shimmy walk and common travelling steps.

Routine # 3 - "Tak"

Practicing body graceful movements with chest circle, chest figure 8, hips circle and hips figure 8 horizontally and vertically, layered with travelling steps.

Routine # 4 - "Tak Tak"

An amazing body moves with lots of undulations from camel, maya, inward and outward hips figure 8, belly roll and undulation walk.

Routine # 5 - "Dum Tak"

A drum solo with combination steps from "Dum" to "Tak", it is stylish and powerful.

Routine # 6 - "Dum Dum Tak"

This final piece combines all steps from Routine 1 - 5. It is a dance which you can perform on stage, feel the rhythm and beat to allow your soul dance together with your body.


"Happy Shimmy and Peace Maya to all Belly Dance enthusiasts! Keep Dancing!"

- Lim Conny - Creator/Choreographer of Rhythm of Desert