Professional Instructor Courses

instructor course

Exercising towards health and fitness has become the key factor of maintaining well-being of the body and mind in the new century. Based on the rising trend of "to-be-fit", dance and / or fitness instructor has too turned to be an emerging occupation, and the professional ones are the most sought-after assets of the industry. Therefore, The Zero Fitness Dance Studio, persists in its philosophy of comprehensive resources, proper coaching and friendly services, has promised the industry to promote and implement the knowledge and lifestyle of fitness, through training and developing more competent professionals.

Zero urges those have interest, potential and ambition in the fitness industry, to talk to us now, in order to built a better health and brighter future for yourself.

This course will be conducted solely by Conny, our Principal, on one-to-one basic. including comprehensive theories and practical field training. As a renowned guru in the field of fitness and dance for more than fifteen years, Conny will have no reserved in imparting all her knowledge and experiences during the training or guiding.

Upon completion of course, student will get the Certificate and arrangement of conducting classes.

The family of Zero sincerely welcomes those who love what we are doing and have the positive mind and aptitude. Talk to us and be one of us!

"The joy of being able to make an impact on one person or a group of people, their lifestyle choices, health and exercise habits ,is a real and rewarding experience for an instructor."

Types of workout for this course

  1. Shapertone
  2. Yogarobics
  3. Aerobics
  4. Aero Tone
  5. Diva Fitness
  6. Ballobics
  7. Tae Bo


  • Must have involved in exercises and workouts for some time.
  • Knowing well what a workout class is about.
  • High passion in workout.
  • Able to commit for classes - Responsible

Course Structure

  • 1:1 basis by trainer
  • Includes comprehensive theories and pratical training.
  •  Pratical: 

-Warm Up

-HILO Impact

-Cool Down

Theories covered:

i) Introduction - "What is exercise?"

ii) How to avoid injuries?

iii) How to exercise effectively?

iv) How to groom your personal image?

v)  Choreography

vi) How to work on muscles?

vii) How to synchronize music?

viii) Music selection

ix) How to conduct a good class?

a. Steps

b. Command

c. Counting

x) Instructions during classes.