Principal Message

Dancing is my life and exercise has been the essential factor that keeps my days alive. They are the elements that I will not live without.

To me, the body has its own life. It conveys the message from the heart and mind. If you choose to have a lighthearted mind, your body will feel no burden. On the other hand, the body will be miserable when your heart is hurt.

I believe that the invisible distance between men can be shorten by a sincere gesture or an eye contact, and you can build beautiful communication bridge with every dance piece. A world without dancing? How pale and dull this planet would be.

If you do not have the interest or flair towards dancing, then how about exercising? Exercise helps our heart to release its emotional stress and allows it to feel free again. Do you believe the fact that exercising makes you feel great, at the same time, puts you back on the track to good health and well being?

That’s amazing right?

Therefore, do not let your busy schedule, laziness or frail energy tie you down. Ask yourself this question: "Why can’t you love yourself more?"