Once and for All

do it now!

When fitness is concerned, you must have heard about this Chinese saying, "There isn’t any ugly person in this world but only lazy fellows with plenty of excuses. "

Someone who loves herself or himself, will definitely enjoy spending time and putting efforts into looking and feeling good physically and emotionally. Speaking from experience, which healthy, fit looking and decently dressed person will not create a good first impression? Therefore, if you are woozy, overweight and hard to fit into your outfits currently, just take a few minutes to think about our sincere advice of "Get up and move, give yourself a better life you deserve."

Fatness, be it fleshy, prosperous, expanded, fat, overweight or obesity that you called, will not only affect the appearance and confidence of oneself, but also deprive your health level eventually.

How to lose weight? How to lose them healthily? and how to effectively lose the unsightly bulgy parts? are our fields of competency. Nevertheless, we are not here for cutting down those inches for you, but helping you to activate the self-aid energy from within, by providing the proper directions towards a better, healthier and slimmer you. Most importantly, you will be able to master the knowledge, for life, of being a happy and healthy person even without our guidance and advice.

Those who wish to sing, always find a song. "Once and for All", the remedy we created with you in mind, is the first holistic weight-lose method in Malaysia that combines health education and the science of dietary and fitness exercise. During the 3 months progress, we will carry out basic medical check-ups like blood test, body mass index (BMI), cholesterol profile and blood pressure, etc. other than body and weight measurement and body-shape analysis, in order to compose the personalized weight loss plan for you. Our certified dietitians will put together the recipes of nutritious meal for you to avoid and correct the unhealthy habit of starving or over-eating. On the other hand, our well-experienced fitness instructors will design the purpose focusing physical exercises for you to attain the ideal results.

Along side with the above is the support group for participants to bear, care and share…… things that are bitter to endure may be sweet to remember. Be part of this community, be the proactive role to regain your own confidence and well-being for a better quality of life, with a little help from us.

In short, “determination” is the word. If you are willing to cooperate with us for your own benefits, the journey of winning through the challenge of "Once and for All" will definitely allow you to go confidently in the direction of your dreams and live the life you’ve imagined.

victory! So, if you are:

  • Fat or Obese
  • Having bulgy abdominal, waist line, thigh and upper arms;
  • Pregnant or have just delivered your baby;
  • Always the must-try-on customer of slimming centers and products but never a successful before-and-after subject.
  • Interested to know more about the most natural, cost effective and efficient way to lose weight.
  • Having not-much-complaint medium figure but prefer to maintain your health and avoid fatness.

Then, you are one of our comrades in arms. For details of the "Once and for All" , please call 04-658.0046 or visit us at Unit 18-3-1, Gembira Parade, 18, Lorong Delima Satu, 11700 Greenlane, Penang.

Don't find fault, find a remedy! You don't drown by falling in the water but drown by staying there. Don't just hang around old fat people if you want to look and feel young and slim, do what's best for your body and mind. Remember this, the difference between "try" and "triumph" just a little "umph".

Nevertheless, before you take any action for the goodness of your internal health and external image, we hope you can bear in mind that, we DO NOT sell or advocate any sliming products and DO NOT trust so called slimming machines too, as we believe there is no short-cut in the battle field of losing weight healthily. The aid that we offer is helping you to help yourself in creating the miracle you’ve dreamed for, by utilizing the power of your mind. Only through your own efforts and sweats, the results that come will live with you for life.

Instead of giving yourself excuses of why you can’t, finding the facts of why you can! Take care of your body as it is the only place you have to live, and the groundwork of all happiness.

What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as who you become.