Ubah Promo

01/06/2018 - 17:51
30/06/2018 - 22:00

Hey no more GST! Malaysia has "Ubah", so it's time for us to change too and become better! Have you "Ubah"? Or are you still giving excuses and never take action! We got to step out from our comfort zone, or nothing will change! It is not that difficult, you’ll just need a mentor!Fret not! Zero is the one you are looking for! Give yourself a chance to be better and allow us to help you to make that happen.

We, the pioneer of Penang’s fitness and dance industry “Zero Mindful Bodyworks Fitness Dance Studio’ truly understand what you need and we have the ability to help you!

We want more people to exercise for a better life, and so here you are : a great promotion for all from 1/6/18 til 30/6/18 !

If you are new to Zero, sign up now for ONE MONTH FREE ONE MONTH PACKAGE at RM100 only for unlimited workout classes and gym(save RM100). On top of that, you will get 50percent discount on lifetime enrollment fees if two persons enroll for ONE MONTH FREE ONE MONTH PACKAGE at only RM180 (save RM220)!

And for both existing and new member, purchase FIVE MONTHS FREE ONE MONTH PACKAGE at RM400 only for unlimited workout classes and gym (save RM200)!

Share this deal with your loved ones. Let’s create awareness to the others and live a healthy lifestyle.

Hurry up! Let’s start NOW!

We offer one FREE trial of workout class for first timer, SO COME NOW!

Zero offers 28 workout classes a week including Cardio Fitness, Zumba, FlashBeat Tabata, Ultimate Toning, Shapetone, Diva Fitness, Cardio Boxing, Piloxing Knockout, Yogarobics, Ballobics and Mix Fight, all classes are conducted by our professional coaches. Zero has a big gym with sufficient equipment, super spinning bike sessions, Fitbox for Tabata and HIIT program. The total area is 20,000sqft.

Looking for a personal coach? Yes, we offer One to One personal training as well as instructor courses too.
Besides, Zero is famous on our Dance classes such as Belly Dance, Chinese Dance, Solo Latin, K-Pop MV and Hip Hop as well as kids Belly Dance, Kids Creative and Kids Latin.

We also have Yoga and Yoga-lates classes conducted by our professional coaches.
Zero provides training of self development for both adults and kids too.

We named our studio "Zero" in English. It symbolizes the ambition of "from Zero to Hero" as well as the characters of humility, unity and infinity.
Humility ~ we hope our instructors, staff and students are humble and socialize with all races at all levels of society. 
Unity ~ As the symbol of zero ("0") symbolizes unity, so our studio emphasizes on the spirit of unity and co-operation among its instructors, staff and students. 
Infinity ~ if one cannot achieve one's target, don't despair, one can still continue to achieve until it works. We can always start again from zero!

Welcome to visit Zero, we are at Island Glades Gembira Parade level 2&3. Tel : 0194730046, 046580046. www.zerofitnessdance.com

Zero Mindful Bodyworks Fitness Dance Studio, On a Mission to transform a BETTER Me! From Zero to Hero!