Personal Fitness Program Promotion

04/05/2018 - 23:10
31/05/2018 - 23:00

Yes, maybe not everyone wish to have a nice and fit body, but everyone hopes to look good, think great and stay healthy isn’t it?

But it is always word of mouth to most of the people. They never take action!
We need to step out from our comfort zone, or nothing will be changed!
It is not that difficult, you’ll just need a mentor!
Fret not! Zero is the one you are looking for!

In Zero, we emphasis on the balance of lifestyle, so do not worry! Give yourself a chance to be better and allow us to help you to make that happen.

Our personal fitness program benefits both ways, for sure, it helps in weight losing, it is also a transformation program that changes from inside out; a program that brings out your fullest potential in reaching your goals in life, by means your fitness goals too!

So why wait? It’s time to create a better you!

What will benefit you?
- Customized training program exclusively for you
- Body fat, visceral fat and subcutaneous fat analysis
- Builds up positive mind set
- Balance diet program
- Good posture training
- Self discipline training
- Builds up healthy life style
- Life-long benefits

Good news! We are now having promotion till 31/5. Sign up for 20 hours program to save RM500! Share this deal with your loved ones. Let’s create awareness to the others and live a healthy life.

Hurry up! Let’s start NOW!

Welcome to visit Zero, we are at Island Glades Gembira Parade level 2&3. Tel: 0194730046, 046580046.
Zero Mindful Bodyworks Fitness Dance Studio, On a Mission to transform a BETTER Me! From Zero to Hero!