50% Off for College Students!!

04/07/2017 - 18:22


College life is short and treasure! Have you lived up to your potential? Having a healthy lifestyle can help you focus in your studies and enjoy your college to the fullest, thus it is very important to cultivate a good exercise habit for college life, it helps you to de-stress, boost up energy, become more positive and happier, build up stamina, get fun with friends, and of course, having fit and nice body shape which youngsters should have!

So why wait? Here you are our 50% off 'NO STRESS COME SWEAT' promo to encourage you to kick start your exercise program with Zero!

Zero offers 28 workout classes a week including Aerotone,
Yogarobics, Zumba, FlashBeat, Aerobics, Shapetone, Diva Fitness, Piloxing Knockout, Ballobics and Tae Bo, all classes are conducted by our professional coaches. Besides, Zero has a big gym with sufficient equipment.

Zero is also famous on our Dance classes such as Belly Dance and Hip Hop as well as kids Belly Dance, Kids Creative and kids Latin. We also have Yoga and Yogalates classes conducted by our professional coaches.Zero provides training of self development for both adults and kids too.

In Zero, we are not only promoting exercise for our body, instead, we create a place for our members to practise healthy life style for both mind and body. We have never failed to do this for the past 13 years , and will continue the spirit to remain a positive environment for exercise!

So, if you are looking for a great place to exercise, if you wish to see more smiling faces, if you wish to hear laughter, if you agree we should train both our mind and body to be healthy, Zero welcomes you to join our big happy family!

Walk in now, we are at Island Glades Gembira Parade level 2&3. Tel : 0194730046, 046580046. www.zerofitnessdance.com.