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21/06/2017 - 21:44
21/10/2017 - 21:44

We work 8 hours a day, thus working environment is VERY important in our life, agree?

If you are looking for a good job to transform a better You, read this!

Zero Fitness Dance Studio, a cozy studio for healthy mind and body, a place which you could always feel happiness and positive energy. One of the definition of the name Zero is Unity, we strongly believe in team work and looking for people who love to work as family.

If you are a peace lover, if you love sunshine, if you love to communicate with people, if you love to work for healthy mind and body, if you love to learn, if you like to approach positive people, if you hate gossiping, if you hate to behave negatively....Zero is your choice!

Of course, if you love to exercise or dance, this will be a 'bonus' of yours .

We are looking for friendly admin and front desk assistant, call Zero at 0194730046, 046580046 to make an appointment for interview, or email your resume to zerofitnessdancestudio@gmail.com. We are waiting for you, NOW!