Friday FitFat Fever!!

19/05/2017 - 19:30
19/05/2017 - 21:00


Watch and learn the steps and have fun together on 19th May.

Some workouts are fun, but not functioning!

Some workouts are funtioning, but may not be fun!

That's why we do this, a fun&functioning Friday FitFat Fever party at Zero, starting May 2017, once a month on Friday evening together with Conny and Pegah, and the other invited guest instructor, we want you to burn and shake and tone and stretch and shape and sweat in one class!

And, there will be a different theme to challege each month, the theme of this month is : 100 SQUATS! Well, don't worry, we wil split to few times to complete the 100 times :-)

Non members are also welcome with RM5/ entry.

Challenge yourself to read out the title Friday FitFat Fever in speed, this is a good exercise for your mind and mouth :-)

Yes we welcome everyone who are fit or fat, as long as you love to have a fun workout, please join us!

Call us now to reserve your place : 0194730046, 046580046.

We are located at Island Glades Gembira Parade level 2&3.

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