To Bersihkan Zero!

A member of Zero approached me and told me softly: Conny go ahead of what you think is right, you do not have to care what other people say.

Oh thank you very much, think she has heard of something so she wanna show her support, thank you!

A student of USM interviewed me last week for their university's magazine, she was shock when she visited Zero, she thought we are just a small fitness centre, she asked me : Why are you so low profile Conny? She also told me most of business men rejected her interview because she is just a student, she was curious of why l did not reject her, and also why Zero does not have branch since we look established.

To open a branch is easy. l just have to search for a place, get bank loan, renovate, hire some instructors and staffs, advertise...done, l can open the door, if Zero is a business minded fitness studio, if my aim in this line is only money, Zero already has lots of branches everywhere, because there are people approaching me to open up branches now and then.

BUT, l am concerning of Zero's spirit and quality of my life much more than money, this is what l struggle for in a business too...

Recently, due to Zero's expansion, l am working non stop to reformat the system, i have done some 'cleaning', some people have left and some came in, it is not an easy decision, before l make the decision, l have foreseen the consequence, l know l have to face some people's blaming and even more than that, but l insist people who work for Zero are people who agree with Zero's spirit, we want to work as a team, there is no gossiping, no bad mouthing and no competition in Zero, l insist, healthy should be for both mind and body, well, of course not all agree with me, and l do not need all to agree with me too, l just need who agree with Zero stay with us and together we build a better life.

Who wants to please everyone? It is too tiring isn't?

Because of this, when l am not sure l have enough man power with Zero's spirit, l wil not open branches, when it happens one day, you know we are well prepared.

There are over 200million people in Penang [ correct?], how many categories of people out there? A lot right? I do not need everyone to walk in to Zero, this is impossible, l just hope people who agree with us, who agree healthy should be for both mind and body, who wish to exercise in a 'clean' environment, who intend to exercise simply exercise...please come to us, l believe people with same energy will attract each other and you will feel yourself home.

My aim is that simple, to build a clean Zero with healthy mind and body, and so people who have same energy with us will come in....