Zero to Hero !

Believe everyone has their own defination about life, as for me, life is all about happiness, and happiness is from love and peace, it is not related to money at all, that's why, all income and success l get is from my effort, l am happy to survive myself with my own effort, l have never thought of 'snatching' from others, because l know if l do that, l will not be happy.

But this is only my own point of view, others may be totally different, l wonder how can we feel nothing when we hurt others for own benefit? but through experience, l have seen, it is very true that there are people who do not work hard for what they want, instead they always seize from people who already have it, yet, they feel 'nothing'..... And there are people who create story to bad mouth others or ruin others' name too, when they want to get something in a short cut way.

Sad to say, this happens in fitness and dance circle, very often, l think this is sad and sick because fitness and dance is a healthy activity, the behavior and mind should be healthy too, isn't it?

Because of those bad things that have almost non stop happening to me, l have thought of giving up, many times....

Of course l did not, l am still here, and become stronger to handle these people who are totally different from me.

And l insist, l will NOT do the same, because l will not have happiness in life if l become this type of people, in fact these people are pity because they have to think of many ways to framed people all the times, tired isn't it?I wonder when they get very old one day and the life is towards the end, what will they feel?

You may say why shall l be so serious of this type of issues, these people are not killing or burning others, they just get people in trouble, it is not big matter, but in my religion believe, bad mouthing and snatching are big issues, it is not so much different than killing.

I am sharing this because l define health from body and mind, if your body is very fit but your mind if full of rubbish, you are more sick than a cancer patient!

I cannot stop people from sick in mind and behave sickly to others, usually this type of people will not change, l can only create a healthy environment to attract people who have positive energy and together we build a better life, when our mind is fit enough to become a hero, we do not have to scare of bad energy, right?