Honestly, if l am not doing Belly Dance, l will not explore much on what is INNER STRENGTH about, that's why, l appreciate Belly Dance very much, even Belly Dance is no more a trend like few years back, l will continue teaching Belly Dance because l know many people will be benefited from this dance art if they are willing to learn in proper way.

And because l am also a fitness instructor, l know how to use my external strength too, hence, over the years l have been trying to combine the two techniques and found this amazing.....

I am going to conduct my first 'Invisible Exercise' on 11st November, Invisible exercise is what l created from my experience in fitness and dance, there are many good dancers but may be they are not good in fitness, there are also many good fitness instructor but very rare can dance professionally, l don't mean l am very good in both, but at least, l am very experience in both,so l think l should combine the unique technique from both fitness and dance to share with more people, this is how it happened.

Invisible Exercise is an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere with any outfit, because it is invisible, no one knows you are doing exercise, but you are actually working on your inner muscle, that's why the result is visible.But l have to tell you this is not for fat burning because basically you are not moving, we must 'move' for the result of burning, this is mainly to get rid of hidden fat and toning up sagging area on our body.

Still have doubt? Why not joining me for the workshop? I guarantee you will learn something unique from my experience, l only charge RM10 for Zero member and RM30 for non member, if you are not satisfy after the workshop, l will refund you the money, because, l am very sure you will be benefited :-)