Zumba 's good and bad

I know, i know, Zumba is really hot in Malaysia now, every Zumba class is packed, people have fun in class and fall in love easily, l have to say, the founder of Zumba Beto Perez is real sucessful.

In fact, l have started Zumba before Beto created Zumba, but l called it Jazzrobics, and changed the name to cardio dance untill today, the difference is Zumba specifiy on Latino music and style which Cardio dance can be any style, on top of that, we do toning or floor exercise in Cardio dance,Zumba usually no.

Is Zumba a good workout? Definitely YES! But is Zumba enough for workout? to me, the answer is NO!

Zumba is a good workout because it is easy, fun and hot, everybody can Zumba, the music is HOT enough to make everybody moves and the steps are simple enough to make everybody follows, it is not only a workout, but a workout party, those who do not enjoy aerobics may fall in love with Zumba, so more people are willing to start moving, at this point, Zumba is really good.

But as what l have seen, there are more and more people get crazy with Zumba and they only want Zumba, they do not want to do any stretching, toning or shaping, simply Zumba, so this is the question, do you think doing Zumba only is enough for workout result?

I can tell you, many Zumba instructors do not have basic knowledge in fitness, as it is impossible to provide enough fitness knowledge in one or two days Zumba instructor training, and the training is usually in a big group, how much you can learn from this training? Most people enroll the training for the paper - the certificate, it is interesting that there are also many joining Zumba instructor training simply because they love Zumba, but they don't intend to teach, this proves that Zumba makes people crazy huh. Hence, at this aspect, can you expect people who have the certificate are qualified to be an instructor?

I would say, Zumba's instructor training should be for existing fitness instructors, if you do not have good knowledge in fitness, don't think you can start teaching by simply attend one or two days course.

To me, Zumba is not a dance, it is workout, so it should not be only for burning, to be a Zumba instructor is too easy, just pay, attend, copy, but to be a qualified Zumba instructor is another topic, it should not be that easy.

If you are addicted to Zumba now, please take a look, are you doing only burning now? Does the instructor know much about fitness? Does he know how to do a safety and effective workout?

I love Zumba but l am not blind, we should do a balance workout, burning, stretching, toning and shaping are the whole package, we should do a balance workout.



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Zumba's good and bad

Hi Conny, Totally agree with you.As for me,i really enjoyed doing zumba...it's really fun,energetic and keep lives going.I'm just beginning to learned how to be a knowledgable fitness instructor.Thanks to you for giving me this opportunity,to have a basic and a strong fitness foundation,as to become a good fitness instructor. Everyday i looked forward to challenged myself to a new routines with mix and matches with the zin materials and create and adding my own flavour in it.Everyone should have their own styles..not by just copying..;) Yeah,i still prefer stretching and toning at the end of every sessions at some point.This will helped to toned and shaped the body muscles better. BALANCED WORKOUT is the key word to a perfect dance fitness. Bravo,to Beto Perez(zumba creator)...without him there'll be no ZUMBA!!!. Bravo,to you too!.Keep rocking and do what you feels right and all the best!!

Hi Susan, thank you, you are

Hi Susan, thank you, you are doing great all these times, l have strong confidence you will be a passionate and good instructor, thank you for your encouragement to me too, it is a good interaction, right?

Yes, you are right. I'm

Yes, you are right. I'm totally agreed with you. That why, after delivery, when I want to slim down, be 'shapy' and fit again, I need to choose the correct workout to burn, stretch, tone and shape. Furthermore, this MUST be done before starting to work, else how to wear back all my beautiful clothing and be confident again. Thanks Conny, by attending your class, I'm able to go back to my original weight in less than 3 mths after delivery and now MOST importantly, I can wear back all my clothes and healthy. I go to work confidently. Now, I still need to continue to burn, stretch,tone and shape. Colleagues asked me, how I can slim down n be fit so fast, I said go to "ZERO" at Gembira Parade!

Thank you very much for your

Thank you very much for your hardwork to show a good example as a modern mom dear, and congratulations on the result, so can give birth again haha.....Appreciate your support to Zero, keep up the fitness :-)

Hhmm...i used to think like

Hhmm...i used to think like you conny...i have been doing aerobic dance traditional and modern..but i never stop...because of passion and until i die...before i go for my zumba courses...i thought it was just one part of the world..latin...but it has china zumba bollywood zumba...the dance is sumthing revolutionary i can say but the same time it try to adapt themselves to people..that's why u will see some dance variety in zumba is familiar....flamenco soca quebradita samba bachata rhumba....gosh..there is much to discover.....reggaeton...ohh...never stop learning dear...yes...they don't do floor exercise...but floor can be replaced by sumthing else which will give same result...there come zumba gold zumba toning zumbatomic....it's a big world after all.....yes zumba song is awesome i can say....but a good instructor...even the worst song ever...can be sexy with the choreograph....learn experience n explore dear.....be humble....

Hi, thank you very much for

Hi, thank you very much for the comment, you know why l named the studio Zero? The first interpretation is to be humble, because when you are zero, you are nothing, we must practise the spirit of humble, and if you know me, l have never stopped learning in both dance and workout, yes l agree we must not stop learning.

Of course l know what is Zumba, what we learn from Zumba's training, merengue, salsa or any dance moves,is considered the most basic one, as if we want to learn the dance, it takes years just to learn the technique for each one of them, this is impossible in Zumba's one or two days' training. Those dance steps are for the 'flavour' of Zumba only, thus Zumba is not a dance, it is workout,when we talk about dance, it is related to culture, emotion, story and etc, when we talk about workout, it is burning, toning, stretching and shaping, right? This is called the function. l am not saying Zumba is not good, but everything has both advantage and disadvantage, nothing is perfect right? I am just sharing what l have seen and hoping that people understand Zumba is not a dance at all, it is a workout, so we should do a balance workout. Anyway, as l said , glad to see many people start doing exercise because of Zumba, at this point, l appreciate Zumba a lot :-)

Keep up your passion too :-)

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