Yes, finally, my two big events are over.......It indeed has taken me forever .....I am glad that they are finished sucessfully but at the same time feel hard to say goodbye to my events....

The 5th World Belly Dance Day is considered the most successful one since it started, l have received so much good comments from the audience, especially those who was first time joining us, they told me they did not expect it was such a good show and they were touched by the effort of the committee and the performers, l am very proud of them!

We are closing the account now, after World Belly Dance Day, we did not take any break and straight away working full force for ZxZ Zumbathon with Zero Charity Event, it was successfully hold last night at Han Chiang Stadium, so in the following week, we have to work to close two accounts for both events, we will announce the fund raised on paper, studio's board, Zero's website and Facebook soon.

Relief a sigh now, and time to come back to studio......



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Bravo!~Kudos !~ for Job Well Done :)

Congratulations dear Conny!~ Despite new to Zero (zumba workout class) & in the midst of signing up as a member. I can feel your great passion,courage & humanity in whatever you do. Please continue to motivate and inspire many with your skill, gift and ability :)I slept at 2am yesterday halfway reading your past blogs (it made me ponder, laugh, sad, almost down to tears) reading what you have gone through. I ever thought my life was tough & uphill challenge until I read yours. Whatever good or bad experiences we encounter, this too shall pass. I'm convinced & hope to join the beginners belly dancing class soon.Btw I'm probably one of the 'Bin O O' at centre, haha *shy* lah, typical asian culture :P Take care.

Wow...what a great

Wow...what a great encouragement to me! Thank you for this, l mean it  :-)

Ya Asian usually shy and reserved, many do not like to share or express their feeling, so honestly l don't hear a lot from the member, but some told me this way : Look Conny, after years, we are still in Zero, so you know la. needless to say la...ha ha, l think they are right, but sometimes, l still need the real encouragement, so...once again, thank you very much for your lovely comment, and yes, l will keep the spirit :-)

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