Hafla of the Passion

Zero's 6th hafla is around the corner, all performers are ready now, friends, have you purchased tickets?

Please come to witness our Passion in dance,we have performers from 9 years old to 50plus years old, may be we are not very professional in stage performance, but we would love to share with you of our passion, we want to tell you we love our lives, we love music, we love dancing, and we love our dancer friends.....

To me, this hafla is a miracle, l have seen miracle happened in students with two left feet, or those with no sense of beat, it is very difficult for them to be trained on stage, but they are going to show you, they can do it! So, all performers are superstars that evening, superstars of Passion! Now l have to pray hard for myself, my body is still very weak so l am not sure whether l am able to perform this time, l have never been so sick.....l think l need a good rest again, l did some rest during Chinese New Year then start to sick till now,sigh.....may be, l could just be an audience this time?