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ZeroFitnessDanceStudio - The Zero Fitness Dance Studio is a well established studio, driven by enthusiasm and commitment. 27 functional workouts sessions, 24 dance and yoga classes every week, spacious gym, all just for You.  


 World Belly Dance Day - Our mission is to unite the initiative of dancers around the world to celebrate the wonderful art of belly dance as a holiday on the second Saturday in May every year. We got inspired by the idea of holding an event that would serve as a reminder that belly dance is an ART form, a cultural event, a sport, and a social and family entertainment. It is also a wonderful chance to help those in need.


 Home Dynamics - 温馨苑成立於1988年8月8日,迄今已有20多年的历史。总苑设在马来西亚槟城,而分苑则位于首都吉隆坡。温馨苑乃是一家非盈利宗旨的人文教育机构,沿着 “人文为主,企管为辅” 的经营路线,不断开发各种学习机会,传达“关怀、成长、和谐”的人文讯息,无任何宗教或政治背景。