Gym | The Zero Fitness Dance Studio




Zero's Gym provides conducive and safe environment for gym-goers to do their everyday weight and muscles training. Our gym has an extensive list of equipments for your usage which includes

  • AB Crunch,
  • Treadmill,
  • Free Weights, Barbells and Dumbbells,
  • Flat, Decline, Incline Bench and Multipurpose Bench,
  • Hip Adduction Machine,
  • Leg Press / Hack Squat,
  • Multipurpose Cable Station (Crossover, Triceps pushdown, biceps curl, knee lift, kick-back, etc) ,
  • Multipurpose Station (lat pull-down, cable row, leg extension, leg curl, etc),
  • Squat Rack
  • Olympic Flat, Decline and Incline Weight Bench,
  • Preacher Curl Bench,
  • Roman Chair,
  • Shoulder Press Machine,
  • Smith Machine (for beginner),
  • Stair Climber,
  • Body Bike,
  • Stretch Machine,
  • Waist Twister,
  • Weight Assisted Chin-Dip, and
  • Hamstring Machine
  • Multipress Combo Machine