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« Wednesday March 14, 2018 »
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Are you feeling unsatisfied with your body shape and have always been admiring others for looking fit?
Or have you been exercising a lot but nowhere near your target yet? Perhaps you do not know the correct way to exercise it out? 
Or maybe you are not fat, but you want to get rid of some hidden fats at specific areas? 

Your problems can be solved by a simple step: Sign up our one to one Personal Training! In fact, in many countries, personal fitness program is compulsory before joining other group trainings, because it is VERY IMPORTANT! 

In Zero,it is not a program to make you fit only, but to make you fit in life, that's why it is called a TRANSFORMATION program!

We provide one to one custom designed personal training program with aim of assisting you in achieving your personal goals in fitness and wellness. It is a Once and for All program, one training that will benefit you for life long!

Considering that it might get too unmotivated at times to exercise alone, we do provide personal trainings for couple or buddies as well! You may now work out with your partner, friends or buddies to get fit together! This personal training especially suits couple who is getting married soon or newly-wed in order to obtain synchronized life while getting physically active together. As for buddies, you are now able to exercise together and motivate each other to become better selves. This program is now conducted with a concept of ‘Feel Good Instead of Looking Good Only’, alongside with helping in your transformation. We will surely provide training programs that are better fit you, with aim of transforming into a fitter you.

So, why choose Zero? At Zero, we have qualified trainers with years experiences in personal training would assure you satisfying result from training with us. Meanwhile, training with our professional personal trainers is never a boring and struggling process; instead it is fun, enjoyable and motivating!

Upon every sign up, consultation sessions on your daily food intakes and lifestyle will be given by our trainers as to understand better of your conditions. This also grants our trainers in customizing special yet effective exercise routines to target your problem areas in order to achieve desired results. All exercises are mainly consisting of burning, toning, stretching and shaping programs. A tailor-made balance diet plan will be designed based on your usual diet pattern in order to further stress on obvious results. Body measurements and Body Mass Index (BMI) assessments will also be incorporated in the program for individual goals setting and better achievement purposes. Our mindful and attentive trainers would be responsible in posture corrections as well. This is important as we ensure that what you learn and been practicing is correct and prevent injuries from happening.

So, why are you still hesitating? Let’s sign up for personal training either alone or with your mates at Zero to transform into a fitter you!

Zero Mindful Bodyworks Fitness Dance Studio, On a Mission to Transform a Better You!
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