More Love......

Continue sharing of my last topic, this is what l have just read from news......

Each year, we have to waste 1 billion liter of petroleum to produce 80 billion pastic bags for Malaysian, this is a scary number isn't?

And ever since China ban their merchants to provide plastic bags, they have saved 370 million pails of petroleum every year!

Hence, no plastic bag will definitely help in economy growth, we have no reason not to comply our state government, na na na, l have no politic background, l just want to support this campaign, l just hope to see our country is not too much poluted, l just want more fresh air.......

Go Green Penang!

Let's talk about LOVE!

Don't get me wrong, l am not going to tell you my love story, instead, l want to appeal for loving our earth, yes, the only mother earth we have, we should love her like how we love our mother!

Well Done to Mr Lim who has insisted to implement'No plastic bag's Days' in Penang. I remember when l was in Holland, it is very common and natural for everyone to bring recycle bag for shopping,l believe even if their government did not implement this rule,people there will do it voluntarily still, if you see how many of them enjoy cycling, you know how much they love the nature, l believe people who love nature will do the best to save our earth from man-made ruin, agree?

 Malaysian's main problem is, most of us do not appreciate the nature! We enjoy too much sunshine and we do not face natural disaster, we are too lucky to understand the word 'appreciate'! I am very angry when l have heard of people against 'No plastic bag's days', these people are too selfish, they have just thought of their own convenience, they have never understand how hurt is our earth today, they thought this is not their business, in another word, they thought they are 'alien' la!

For those who are in plastic business, we undertsand they are facing the loss, but if they are smart in business, they should know this is what going to happen - sooner or later, it is useless for them to make huge noise or giving such unconvinced examples, why don't they make a transformation to produce recycle bags instead? Don't they see the trend? What's the point to fight with our earth instead of loving her? Of course is not enough to save our earth by using less plastic bag only , but at least we are doing something, at least, we could create the awareness of environmental friendly. Every mankind is responsible to this topic, unless, you admit that you are not human, then, stay away from the earth, go back to your own planet la!


Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

I forgot how many times l have written for new year eve over here, time really flies.....

2010 is a challenge year for Zero,but we have overcome it well,it is good to face challenge sometimes, so that we will do our best to improve ourselves better, but not too much challenges ha ha..... Zero is going to 7 years old soon, l believe Zero was doing great in these 7 years. We expanded from 3000sqft to 10,000sqft, we are one of the pioneer in Penang who started different types of workout and dance classes, brought in and developed belly dance as well as organised international show for charity, we have never forgotten to update ourselves in fitness and dance like how we are developing Zumba now. Most of all, Zero is a place where you could relax, make fun, sweat and get to know more friends who love fitness and dance like you, there is laughters in Zero everyday. We do not talk about how expensive is our sport shoes or how big is our car, but we share of healthy life here, this is what we are proud of, we are healthy!

And l myself have trainned up many good instructors in this field over the years.

Of course there is a big room for improvement still, l wish if l am afford to buy a land to build my dream Zero, ha ha, but this is impossible with Zero's limited income, l could not become a millionaire by running this business, it is more for my passion and hobby, but l am happy to have Zero for sure! Zero will continue our spirit in the next 7 years, 10 years, 20 years.....

Once again, l want to thank all my beloved Stuff, instructors, member and students for the great effort and tremendous support, thank you! Let's say goodbye to 2010, and bring along our good wishes to 2011, it is going to be an exciting year for myself. Wishing all of you happy New Year!

How old are you?

This is a question l have to answer almost once a week......

Being a dance and workout instructor, l guess people are curious of my age, they want to know what is the age limit to my life of dancing and exercising, sometimes they don't ask me, instead they ask my staff, sigh.....why are these people so concerning of other's age huh?

Age is not a matter to me at all, l think l am going to dance till 90 years old if l have this long life. Many ladies came to observe our classes and commented to me that they are too old to dance or exercise, when they see the ladies in our studio. I told them, if you do not start now, you will be too old to dance one day, it is never too late to start now! Then they commented to me they are shy because the ladies in my studio are young, l told them, do you know some of them are not young anymore, but they look young! They look young because their heart is young, and they exercise!

And some ladies like to ask me this way: Conny how old are you? I think you are not old, you are a bit older than me only right? Believe it or not, l have been asking this question from different age of group, 20, 30, 40 to l am scratching my head until l read an article of a research to women's age : Most of ladies thought they are younger, or at least they look younger than another lady! Haha.....

When l was in my 20's, my students ask their 20 years old's daughter call me 'aunty', simply because l am her mom's workout instrcutor.....frankly l am not happy with the address 'aunty', as l mentioned in my blog before, in Penang, the word aunty refers to those superficial ladies sometimes, l would prefer them to call my name [ and l don't understand why l am an aunty of a 20 years old 's lady when l am also in my 20's too], my friends' kids call me 'Yi Yi' in Chinese which l feel cozy and warm. In Zero, there is no such word of aunty or uncle, we call name no matter how old is he or she, as they are all our friends, age is nothing when it comes to friendship!

So, ladies, please do not restrict yourself by age, go ahead, you have the right to enjoy your life. Please do not concern of other ladies' age too,mind your own business la,and it does not mean anything with age, it is more important to keep our heart young and 'alive'.

I have heard of a man with looking at age of his late 50'commented to me of a group of 60'/70' people 'old' too, l was angry when l heard this, as he is not young too why he wanted to criticize others? I would say if you have extra time to observe whether others are looking old or young at their age, why don't you spend more time to keep yourself young? Why don't you start your regular exercise? Why don't you go to travel? Why don't you spend some times to imrpove yourself by reading or studying something?

Because, these are the element that keep you young!

2010 Year End Greatest Promotion

This is the most worth promotion for our seasonal package under workouts and gym, 10 sessions worth RM60 is given free to you, this priviledge is valid for both new and existing members, and purchase in advance is welcome!

New year is around the corner and l am sure you have a lot of invitation for food gathering, go ahead, eat la, what you have to do is just to spend a little bit more time to exercise, if you hate to see the fat on you!

So why wait? If you have not enrolled to Zero, this is the best time, get a friend with you to enjoy 50% discount on the life enrollment, and if you are a student, it is FREE! Isn't now the best time to start your fitness programme for year 2011? Try or Cry? You decide......

Besides, our unlimited gym package is only RM25 a month for the promotion, with the equipment and environment we offer, it is no doubt a good deal for you!

Remember, you could only purchase this great promotion in December, please take your action now to avoid disappoitment!

Avatar 's mountains

I did not manage to hike Huang Shan when l was in China two years ago, so this trip to HangZhou, l told myself it is a must to go, no matter what!

Bad luck me, the weather was good one day before l went up to the mountain, but it was terrible when l was there, non stop raining from morning and it was very hazy, so.......most of the times, l have to use my imagination to view the mountains, ha is not an easy job to climb up especially in this bad weather, but there were so crowded, l have to salute those elderly from China, they are really strong, l met a 59 years old lady on the way up, she climbed much faster than me, and could shout my name loudly from far, ha ha, she is from northeast of China, people there are famous with their strong lungs and l have witness this.

Though, the mountains looked mysterious and awesome under the haze, and yes, it is exactly like Avatar's scene. I was told that long time ago, when this place was not discovered, people dare not approach this area as it was always hazy, so people defined this place as heaven, it is a holy place for God and Goddes, so the scene l have viewed is the closest to heaven, l have become a Goddes for one day, hee.......

 They call this 'Mobile rock', what do you think?

 Look, this is how every step is made, we must really appreciate we have staircase to use or how to climb up?

The pictures are beautiful under the haze right? So it is not regretful to go......

Free enrollment for school and college students in December

Yes, Zero is having our grand promotion this month, and we are giving free enrollment to all students, you are going to save RM70, this is fisrt time we waive enrollment to students, if the response is good, we might consider to do it again in future, so, please help us to spread the news around, thank you!

It is school holiday, l am sure many school students are sitting at home and don't know how to pass time, instead of going for shopping and movie all the times, why not start to cultivate a good habit of exercising now? Or, what about dancing? We have hip hop, jazz and belly dance for elder students, and Kids creative dance and belly dance for little kids, come for a trial, you will surely have fun in class!

Also, 10 sessions worth RM60 to be given free for workout members, and 50% discount to gym members!

Why wait? See you in Zero soon!

Waiting for another door to be opened......

Yesterday when l wanted to come out from house, my little puppy Bravo has made huge noise to interrupt me, this is strange, she knows l am going out to work and usually she will sent me to the door quietly, so, l guess something unhappy is going to happen to me so l drive very carefully to studio.

When l on the computer in my office and entered the website of Bellydance Evolution, the answer revealed, l was eliminated from the audition!

Disappointed? Yes and no, in fact l knew this much earlier when a dancer friend of mine told me she was selected before she posted up her video, she has booked her flight three months ago, she knows the organiser of BDE so this is how it happened. And when l know DBE has also selected many from live audition in China, l knew l have no chance to be in the show......

I do understand the situation of the organiser, they are having very short training for dancers before the show so it is risky to take dancers whom they are not sure whether she is fast or slow learner. When they stated on their website the announcement of audition result is on 22nd November but the training and show is in begining of December, l already know they will only select people they know, or it is difficult for selected dancers to book flight, accomodation and cancel own classes for this trip in one week isn't? Luckily l did not cancel any of my classes or rejected any invitation of performance to wait for the result.

I have gone through all winners video, one of the winners Molly has just posted her video one day before the result announcement, so obviously she was being selected much earlier and just posting her video up as procedure, but l have to say, Molly is really good, l have seen her live performance she is no doubt a great dancer. Some of the winners are really good but not all, some winners 's video was not in good effect so l cannot tell whether she is good, and there are two doing Indian dance instead of belly dancing! And another one doing a veil dance with spinning the veil only for the whole dance, but they are the winners! So l guess they were being selected throung live audition. My confusion is, since that why they want to have this online audition huh? Stupid me, spent money for the registration and hired professional videographer to capture my dance, practiced hard for the dance.....l thought since this is an online audition, l have to make sure the quality of my video, so l do not mind to spent money, but when l looked at some winners' low quality video, l am speechless, ha ha......

No matter what, l think l am good but not good enough, if l am really good enough, nobody will reject me! So this is a good motivation to me, to propel me to be a real good dancer. In fact l do not aim to be a winner but l was thinking to learn from the experts in the show, so l am sad of losing this opportunity, but on the contrary, l am happy too, firstly l could save money for flight and accomodation [yes dancers have to pay everything themselves], secondly l have many invitation of performance, and even to be MC and giving a talk in December, l am not Christian, but l believe in what Bible says : When HE closes this door, HE will open another door for you!

I am not writing to complain of the unfair result of BDE, this is very common in competition. In fact l do not regret to participate in this audition, since l posted my video up, l have received many good comments and encouragement from people in and out of Malaysia, most of all, there are supports from people who do not dance even, l believe l gained the most good comments among all videos, so this is a great bonus to me!

So l have to tell my beloved students, friends and supporters through this blog, l am disappointed but not being defeated. Once again l am very firm of my aim in the realm of dance, l want to be a good and positive dancer, the challenges could only reinforce my energy, and when another door is opened for me, l am ready! Thank you to all who voted for me, love and agree with me :-)

My last day in Shanghai Expo

I did not have good luck for my second day visit, it was too crowded, so l only managed to enter 9 pavilions and most of them are small one. Among all, pavilion of Morocco has touched my heart the most.

The out look of the building was not attractive enough, but everybody 'wow' while stepping inside. Morocco has done their best to show us how amazing is the culture of this country, and l could not stop telling myself l want to go Morocco, l want to go!

I know my pictures here are not good enough to interpret the beauty of this pavilion, in fact l did not have enough time to take pictures, we have to run from pavilion to pavilion.....also there were too crowded for pictures......

And crazy us, we have queued up 4 hours for pavilion of Japan, look at this :

I could not tell it is worth, Japan has shown us how advance technology they have, and indirectly, we know, the future world will definitely rely on their technology, l am not Chinese [ l am Malaysian Chinese], but l do understand how Chinese feel towards this topic......

And the building was huge, l was not able to take the whole picture....

And here are other pavilions l have visited, not all l have entered though.

I dare not approach Pavilion of China, it was extremely crowded, also, this pavilion will remain permanently, so we could visit this pavilion some other time.

It is regretful that l did not have time to visit pavilion of Malaysia, good though, l do not want to be disappointed too.....

Some useful knowledge l have acquired....

Some other interesting scene.....

On the whole, l would say China has done a great job to this expo, unfortunatly, most of the visitors were from China itself, their people travel from other provinces to Shanghai, not many foreigners l have seen in the expo. China is huge so this expo could survive even they do not open to foreigners. But l am sad to see many people in China still thought the whole world is like them, they spit, litter, do not queue up, talking very loud in public.....Even though l have seen improvement compare to my last visit, but it is still a big gap to the word civilisation......the governmant has tried the best to educate the people, but there are too many people so this is really tough. One thing, the toilets are really clean and comfortable, not only in the expo, but in many places like Shanghai itself and Hang Zhou, l do not have to hesitate to enter their public toilets. They are improving and l am looking forward for more improvement on people's behavior in my next visit.


Bin mai a ne o lah !

Ha ha, l know you don't understand the meaning, if you are Chinese, translate to Hokkien, if you are not, let me explain this.......

I have started my Zumba class, to my knowleadge, Zumba is a passionate workout which request the participants to enjoy the rhythm through our body, to do the best for ourselves and to let go, hence, we need to make some noise in the class, this is the spirit of Zumba, or l should say, this is the culture of people in Cuba, Brazil or South America, l have been in South America, l know how people there appreciate music and dance, it is not difficult for me to pick up the spirit of Zumba as it is already inside my body since l am born.

But, it is not in Penang people's body yet.......l know some of my members are really trying, l appreciate this a lot, l hope to see people smile and cheer in the class, instead of to be stressful of the steps. Sometimes, their quiet response and expression make me worry, l thought l am not good, or the routines are not interesting that's why they are so serious? Recently l always say this sentence in class : Bin mai a ne o lah! Which means, dont' be so fierce lah! A person looks fierce when she is serious right? l know she does not mean it, but it is still fierce! I always tell my students, if you can follow, smile, if you cannot follow, then laugh, what to be serious huh? You are in a fitness class, this is a place for you to release and relax, isn't it?

I know it is difficult to train people here for this, but l will try still, l don't know how far l can influent people to be passionate in fitness and dance, as well as to be passionate in our life, but l insist this is what life should be, living without passion? No way!

So, bin mai a ne o lah, smile.......