Unbelievable WOU!

I supposed to meet up with WOU's top management tonight, but it is cancelled due to they are not able to get their mediator. The worst part is, they told me if they engage the mediator for the meeting, l have to pay for the mediator as well!

From the begining, l have told them l do not have intention to engage the mediator, if they have sincerity to solve the problem, why can't they meet up with me and tell me what they could do? And now, they want to engage a mediator and l have to pay, do you believe?

So l am not going to waste my time to meet them and will proceed the press conference this Sunday 11am, l do not want to make trouble, l just want to tell the truth to the public, how unprofessional is this Wawasan Open University, their slogan is 'The people's university', l don't think they are qualified for this slogan, and l am very very disappointed with what they have done, they are in eductaion line, they have shown a very bad example!

A letter to CM Lim Guan Eng


Dear CM Lim,


Because of you, we, Zero Fitness Dance Studio, who had rented the theater 1 of Wawasan Open University Penang on 26th February 2011, was threaten to cancel our event!


On 25/2/2011, 6:49pm, the Vice Chancellor of Penang WOU, Prof. Wong Tat Meng, telephoned me via their AV technician Mr.Halim’s handphone, the key contents of conversation are as below:



I want to tell you, our place is now in bad condition, we have two functions going on tomorrow!





So you have to cancel your event!



What! Why?


I have the rights to cancel your event without any reason! There are two ways for you now, change the venue or change the date!


What? How do I get a place now and how do I inform all my performers and audience in such a short time? This is impossible!


I don’t care, this is your business!


Why is this my business? This is your internal problem, you should settle for me!



OK, my solution is, if you want to use the theatre, you cannot use the car park!


Why? But I was told by your admin staff, Charlene, that I can use the car park at Level 4.



It is not written in black and white, I can deny!


What is this? Your open concert is outdoor, we are inside the building, why we cannot use the car park inside the building?



Because CM Lim is here tomorrow!


So what? There is no conflict, we are using the theater!


I don’t care, if you want to argue with me, you have to cancel your event! Also, your guests have to be here before 7:45pm, because CM Lim will arrive at 8:00pm, when he is here, I will close the gate and no one is allowed to come in or move around!



I am very disappointed with WOU’s management, I actually planned to take up a course there but now, it is no way!


I don’t care!


Besides, on 26/2/2011, there were more unfair issues happened during the night:

  1. WOU posted a notice, ‘Parking for PPO Concert Only ‘(the open concert) on the trees in front of WOU main entrance.
  2. When the guests of PPO Concert arrived in their cars, they were politely invited to drive in , however, when our guest’  cars only approached the entrance, they were chased out!
  3. The cafeteria was used by PPO Concert, so we who have pre-ordered the food from the cafeteria was forced to pay extra RM180 to rent the foyer of Theater 1 to place the food!
  4. We paid RM2000 for finger food, but the quantity and quality we got worth less than RM1000!
  5. WOU staff who helped to control traffic on main road, had actually ‘reminded’ the co-workers to ignore our guests who have to cross the road.

CM Lim, are you the one who commanded WOU to bann people from walking and moving around when you are enjoying the concert?


CM Lim, are you the one who told WOU to only respect people who play and know the art of music and to contempt people who dance? These are the feelings of all my performers and guests throughout the night!


This issue has severely damaged your image as a Chief Minister; we think WOU was abusing their authority under your name! We have to stand strong and voice out now!


Yours faithfully,





The Zero Fitness Dance Studio,

The Performers &

The guests of Zero’s 6th Hafla on 26/2/2011


Two days before the show, l have fully recovered, thank God......

It is difficult for me to explain how suffer it was, l was dizzy everyday even when teaching, yet could not take any rest, all classes and rehearsal were on going.....

In fact there are challenges for the show [ as usual], but to me, as long as l am healthy, l do not scare of any challenges anymore, health is everything! I started to make noise in class yesterday, l guess students were happy to see me 'alive' again, ha ha...... So,l am ready for the show and all challenges, Go!

Apologize and thanks......

Yes, l have to apologize for not being fit to conduct classes recently, as mentioned, l have never been so sick, l think my students have never seen my pale look until recently, l always fit in class ma......

I am very touched when l see the crowd in my class, they know l am not able to conduct a good class but students are so supportive, nobody complained.....but l really feel bad on my unfit situation, l cannot even talk louder, l taught a silent zfd class yesterday, but students make fun on themselves, they shouted when there was time to shout, l was speechless touching.....

The same thing happened this morning in my Shaperobics class, l was too tired at the second session, but students were very understanding, they did their best for the class, after the class, some even came to me to show their concern, thank you very much......

I really hate myself to be so unfit, please give me a little bit more time, l will take good care of myself in order to conduct good classes, l don't used to face a pale Conny too, l want to get well soon!

Yes l will !

Hafla of the Passion

Zero's 6th hafla is around the corner, all performers are ready now, friends, have you purchased tickets?

Please come to witness our Passion in dance,we have performers from 9 years old to 50plus years old, may be we are not very professional in stage performance, but we would love to share with you of our passion, we want to tell you we love our lives, we love music, we love dancing, and we love our dancer friends.....

To me, this hafla is a miracle, l have seen miracle happened in students with two left feet, or those with no sense of beat, it is very difficult for them to be trained on stage, but they are going to show you, they can do it! So, all performers are superstars that evening, superstars of Passion! Now l have to pray hard for myself, my body is still very weak so l am not sure whether l am able to perform this time, l have never been so sick.....l think l need a good rest again, l did some rest during Chinese New Year then start to sick till now,sigh.....may be, l could just be an audience this time?

Welcome back!

How was your Chinese New Year's holiday? Mine is rest rest rest rest rest.....l had a serious food poisoning two days before Chinese New Year, it was a real suffering, l did not eat for three days, chance to gain weight this l could laugh at my students who gain weight, haha.....

I took a good rest during the holiday for my heavy work load after Chinese New Year. Now, my holiday has officially over even Chinese New Year is not yet finished, l have to start working, besides numerous classes to conduct, my belly dance students and l are now at the final stage of rehearsal for the hafla 'The Passion' on 26th this month, there are nearly 100 dancers involved and most performances are choreographed and trainned by me, l have not even started to choreograph for my own solo, my Goodness, l think l am not going to sleep for the coming days.....

And there are many training courses to conduct for the month of February, March and April, in between, l have a short business trip to China.......

So, Zero has resumed all classes and activities as usual, welcome back Zeroers, let's burn and get rid of the fats! Do not become lazy or it is difficult for you to kick start again, don't believe? You try and see......

Studio's new year look

Thank you to Eileen who is very creative in handwork, Zero has a nice new year look to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year to all our Chinese friends, wishing you a happy and healthy year !

Challenge yourself to win cash and free classes!

People always blame to me of their weight gain after Chinese New Year, everybody is out of control during this festival, including myself, haha....l have already started eating.......

Hence, l was thinking of organizing a fat loss competition for Zeroers, so that we have an aim to fight for and l am sure the result will be better than without a target, agree? That's why, l called this '2011 Fitness Resolution', if you have accumulated your fat for years, this is the best time for you to challenge yourself!

Check out this :

The highlight is, l will conduct two lessons to advise you the proper ways on fat loss, these two lessons worth RM400 but it is FREE for you if you participate in this competition! On top of that, you are working with a group of people, you are not fighting with the fat alone, you are not lonely !

Why hesitate? Remember, fat will not lose by themselves if you do not take action, instead, they will accumulate themselves to grow, until it is totally out of control one day. Have you seen those people in huge size? It is a result of accumulation....... If you do not intend to stay peacefully with fat, take the challenge now!


Join us on Facebook now!

Yes, l know l know, we are too slow to start this, so one of Zero's resolution 2011 is this : Join us on Facebook!

Just search for zerofitnessdancestudio, you will see us, hope to see you there with us, we will do our best to provide you the first hand promotion, replacement, events and all updates, see you there!


Check your posture

I have shared of a topic with a group of ladies in Lions Club Of Georgetown Central's symposium 'Women of Excellence', l chosed to share of our posture with them, think l should share this topic here too.

The first question to ask : I believe you have spent a lot of money for your skin, hair,clothes, shoes, bags and blar blar blar, but, have you ever spent a single cent for your posture? No right? It seems not an important thing to manage in our life, but, is this important?

Ladies and gentlemen, it is very important!

Why l want to share of this topic? Because, l have seen too many teenagers with hunch back, their backs are straight during their primary school time, but it turns to hunch back seriously since secondary school. I have found out the reasons : The school bag is too heavy, hunch back is a consequence of 6 years's carry, and poor thing they have to carry this heavy bag for another 5 years at least......Also, for ladies teen, they are shy of the growth and always want to hide the obvious growing area, thus they hunch their backs!

Why we do not have a subject related to this topic in school huh?

For adults as well, we hunch back after sitting in front of computer for long time, also the stress and tension that we are bearing makes our shoulders up unconsciously, that's how we hunch our back!

Search around, you will agree with me.

What is the disadvantage of hunch back?

1. Your image is spoilt! Do you think if a lady is pretty as Angelina Jolie but walk like a king kong, considered a pretty lady still? Most of all, you look unconfidence!

2. You are not able to fight against the gravity, and so your organ will drop easily due to aging.

3. You will injure your spine badly especially your lower back area.

4. You are not going to enjoy exercise's result completely, as you might not be able to do some moves correctly with bad posture.

So how to train a good posture?

I think to have strong ribcage and pelvis will help tremendously, no l am not here to hard sell belly dancing, but l have to agree that belly dancing has helped me to enhance my ribcage and pelvis, no doubt on that. In fact my good posture is not only from belly dancing, it is from my experience of dance and fitness, but belly dancing has helped to make my posture better. So, either dancing or workout will definitely help, but you must know the way.

Hmm....l  am thinking of giving a workshop to share of this topic may be......