Show your power?

I believe many workout students do not know how frustrated is the instructor, when we see students simply 'posing' in the class......

And after years, l am learning to 'close an eye' instead of being frustrating, haha....but sometimes really 'tak boleh tahan too!

We have many workout members who are more fit than we instructors, it is true, they are really hard core in fitness. But, we do have some 'models' in class too, these ladies have never used their strength to workout, when they lift the arms, the elbows could never extend,, when they stretch their legs, the knees are always bend, when they punch, it shows obviously how weak they are......

This is ok for new students,as l think they just need a little bit more time to express their energy, but for those who have been in class for years? I think this is a habit, some people are just 'soft' all the times may be?

Well, every student has their choice, either they want to be real fit or simply dress up sporty. I think, some just joining the class to pass time thus they do not care whether they enjoy the result of workout, hmm....nothing wrong right? As long as they understand the result should be from their effort in class, and nobody could deny Zero is a nice place to pass time, haha......But if you want to enjoy the result, please show your power!

Only RM30 a month for unlimited workout classes and gym!

Yes, this is the greatest promotion we ever have for new member, we named this promotion 666, as this month is month of 6, you pay RM60 for 60 days unlimited workout classes and gym, if you are searching to start exercise for long time but still hesitating, come join us now as this is an affordable charges to all!

I know it is always difficult to kick start, we have many new member who have never exercise in their whole life [honestly l can't imagine this!], l know they will suffer at the beginning, and, have fun too, as l saw how they laugh to the movements which are strange to them, well, no pain no gain, why not conquer it when you are still able to do that, instead of regreting when you are too old to move!

Hmm....easy to say, hard to take action.....that's why we are having this low price to you, make up your mind now, or come to a FREE trial before 30th this month!

For existing member, we are now giving RM300 for 6 months unlimited workout classes and gym, purchase in advance is allowed, so, please take action before the promotion ends ya!

Happy sweating!

Zhangjiajie 张家界

Many told me they like to read my sharing of places l have visited, l like to share more in this topic too, l have visited many places these two years but have done very little sharing here, no time la......when l am in Penang, l have to go full force in work, or where to get money to travel? l wish l am rich enough to spend my life only in travelling......hey hey dreaming.......

I went to China Hunan's Zhangjiajie in March, the place is really spectacular, and l found l have made a mistake, l went to Huangshan last year and thought this is the place for movie 'Avatar's scene, l was wrong, the actual scene is Zhangjiajie, the local told me there was an arguement actually, but the producer of Avatar end up admitted that the scene is from Zhangjiajie.....

I hate myself for not being a good photographer, or l could share better pictures here, but l am learning and believe l will improve before my next trip to Europe......

This is the first time l totally do not have to raise my head to view the mountain, they are lower than us......

To Chinese in China, Zhangjiajie is their champion mountain, it is a must for the locals to travel to Zhangjiajie at least once, so, it is my honour to have chances to visit this place.....I was lucky this time compare to my trip to Huang Shan, the weather was good but not shine enough for photo shooting, l am satisfied though. I was non stop 'WOW' during my visit, the nature wonder is really spectacular.....once again l appreciate l love travel by having this experience.....We stay at the local's house on the hill, it was extremely cold at night, but l felt so glad to meet the stars again, first time on Mount Kinabalu, second time in Bolivia, so this is the third time to meet million of stars in the dark sky, but it was too cold to stay outside, in fact l am regret now, l should tolerate to stay longer with the stars, l don't know how to describe the beauty of million stars......

Many of the huge rocks in Zhangjiajie have name but there are more without name, the local told us to give our own name to them, this is fun!


It will not happen suddenly....

There is an interesting question from one of my new student who is very keen to be a belly dance instructor, and, l have been asked the same question many times from others too,so, think l can share this topic here.

She asked : Why most of the top dancers are usually dancing from young? What is the difference?

She asked the question because she started dancing after age of 30.

I would say, only if you are also dancing from young, you know the difference. But, this does not mean you cannot be a good dancer if you start late, especially in belly dancing, l think it happened, but is there a difference? I think :Yes!

People who dance from childhood time are usually those who have dance element in blood, they carry the element when they are born, it is with them, so when they dance, they are showing their soul to people, in another word, they are not only dancing with body, and this is hard to simulate. I always say, everybody has own talent, some people are really good in handcraft, they know how to do even they do not go for proper lesson, if you own the talent, you know what l am saying. I always share of the topic of own talent, l think it is important for us to understand our ability so we know where to invest our time and effort. But please don't get me wrong, everything is possible if we are willing to work hard, l am very poor in handcraft, but l believe if l practise everyday, l could be an expert one day. One thing, l believe it is very important to own a good attitude while we are working hard, we should always be positive and optimistic, not to jealous or step on others for own sucess, a success under bad motif will not be with us for long.

I hope this student of mine understand how much effort those professional have made, it will not happen suddenly. It looks easy simply because they know how to carry the obstacle. In fact, if you are talented, you are requested to put much more effort as people's expectation to you is different, right? So, why not focus on our own ability and do the most we can, we should not challenge with others, instead, we ourselves is the major one to challenge with.

Malaysia 4th World Belly Dance Day Charity Event

Finally, it is over....

This is the first time we hold the event in KL, Brancy is the organiser and l am helping as a consultant, there were many new faces in both hafla and workshops, this is really great as it is what l love to see actually.

During the hafla, l was asked these two questions many times:

1. Conny where is your troupe? Your troupe is one of the major performances in WBDD, how come none of your students performing this time?

Answer : Ha many cannot make it and some just want to enjoy show this time. [Oh so be prepared, we will have a big troupe to perform next year back in Penang]

2. Why you only dance once? Why is your dance so simple? Where is your fusion?

Answer :.........laugh......

In fact l almost wanted to cancel my performance, l know l gonna be busy helping to run the programme, it is difficult when to perform and running programme at same time. When we were in Penang, everything was well prepared and rehearsed so l was not worry, but this time, l have only Emily to help up, hence l arranged myself to perform as first piece after opening dance, so that l could focus on the programme. And yes, it was the most simple performance l ever have in hafla, my dance is 'The Veil', so, the veil technique is the highlight, l have prepared it is not going to surprise the audience comparing to my fusion dance, but l am happy when people told me my veil technique is good, this is what l wanted to show actually.

Thank you to Michelle for the wonderful pictures above.

The hafla is packed with performances, fashion show and lucky draw. As it was in Mos the discotheque, the dancers were not station at one place like what we did in Penang, so it was quite a heart attack for me the whole evening, could not find some dancers when there was their turn! I have also received complains from audience as they did not have seats and was standing for the whole night. So, obviously, discotheque is not an ideal place for our hafla. According to Brancy, it is very costly to hold the hafla in hotel ballroom in KL so she has no choice.

Brancy actually approached Celebrity Fitness to sponsor venue for workshops, but end up, l was shock to know during the rehearsal, Cf has become 'organiser'! This is so ridiculars, CF has no relationship with Malaysia 's wbdd, they do not even know how to name the event, so, the backdrop of the hafla has become : Celebrity Fitness 's Malaysia 4TH Belly Dance Day! Instead of 'Malaysia 4th World Belly Dance Day Charity Event'! No one mentioned of the word 'charity' the whole night, no one knows who is the beneficiary, no one knows the next day is Mothers' Day, like what we did in Penang......

Ever since l know CF will sponsor venue for workshop, l told Brancy, please put my name 'Conny' as a support of this event instead of my studio's name, l do not wish to see any conflict, and l do not want my name as co-organiser as well, l just hope that the event is 'support by Conny'. But, my name is not stated at all from the flyers, poster to the backdrop, l am totally transparent.......Am l ok for this? I would say l am disappointed but l am ok, if l want reputation l will not let go this event to Brancy, this charity event is like my baby, my committee and l were working hard for past three years and no one could deny that it was a success. We are doing the event to unite dancers for charity, but sad to say, l do not see this spirit in 4th Wbdd, this is what really disappointed me......

I understand CF is a commercialize business and this is how they run their business, the promised donation to be given to charity has end up become lucky draw from beauty salon, spa, boutique and so on....sigh, it is too easy to get people to sponsor lucky draw but Brancy thought CF is powerful enough to get donation for the beneficiary, sigh.....l wonder whether there is money left for the beneficiary this year, now waiting for Brancy back from Argentina to close account, we are totally out of the topic of charity this year.....I understand how difficult is Brancy's situation so l told her, this is a good experience, it is not easy to run an event, to deal with sponsor, performers and participants, l am sure she knows well now........

No matter what, it is still a success, the performers were great, Yael Zarca's performance was mesmerizing and she is a real great teacher for workshops, l have really learnt a lot from her especially the culture of this art. And as mentioned, we have many new faces in both hafla and workshops, many new friends started to know this event, but l hope they understand the spirit of this event as well. The 5th Wbdd will be back to Penang next year, and l promise, the spirit will be back!


Very special thanks to Emily, she is not doing belly dancing, no relationship with belly dance at all, but she has been helping in Penang last three years as stage manager, this year, she paid all expenses herself to go KL to help, she said, she just hope to see the event is running sucessfully, as mentioned, this event is like a baby of my committee and l, we want the spirit to carry on.......








FUN and FREE talk for your kids

We are going to hold a talk for kids below 12 years old, please read this :


We are doing this because from next year onwards, the body mass index [BMI] of school kids will be recorded on result report book, the goverment is doing this to create awareness for both parents and kids, as many kids in Malaysia are overweight nowadays. I think this is a good action, l believe many parents do not have idea on how to educate their kids for a good eating and exercise habit, perhaps many parents themselves do not care of this too.....

I am worry of the response in fact, in Penang, people's awareness is usually very very slow......l just hope l could pass some good messages to the kids, and if their parents are not setting a good example to them, probably the kids are the one to influent the parents and change the family's lifestyle....

I will make sure it is a fun talk, l will share with the kids on how to calculate their own BMI, a simple way of calories's calculation, demo on some simple and fun exercise they could do, and most of all, sharing of the disadvantage of overweight.

Only limited to 20 kids, please register now if you think you should bring your kids for the knowledge.

My Yogarobics class

It has taken me forever to conduct Yogarobics class, l have been too busy in belly dancing the past 6 years, and have started something extremely hot like ZFD, not expected myself to conduct Yogarobics class again,but as a principal, when we could not find any instructor to take over the instructor who is not able to continue teaching, l am always the last and only choice, ha!

Good though, in fact l found myself becoming stiff since l stop practicing yoga, you know stretching in yoga is different from dance,l always appreciate yoga and thought may be one day when l cannot dance anymore, l will focus in yoga then, haha.....

And the way of teaching is totally different too. I am always a crazy and cheeky teacher in dance and ZFD class, but l have to be a calm and steady instructor in yoga, l do not mean to act this way, but when l have to concentrate and show the breathing technique, it is really difficult to be cheeky, right? Thank God, think l am back to my flexility after few classes, not good enough yet, but l know l will slowly train back what l had. I really appreciate l love exercise and dance,that's how l communicate with my body. Do you understand your body well? If not, why don't you start moving? Pick something you like, enjoy the agressive heart beating and sweating, life is wonderful when we get the excitement from exercise or dance, don't believe? Try it!


刚从中国回来,这次中国行的最大收获是,我终于有机会真真实实地看一场云门的演出,而且是他们的经典剧目 流浪者之歌!



















舞者们谢幕了,观众的掌声连绵不绝,那一刻我是如此的感动,多么希望在槟城也有机会看到这一幕!一场演出,把许多知性而感性的人聚了在一起,我们一起为生命而痛,也为生命而喝彩,为生命而哭,更为生命而笑。活着,纯粹为了要去懂得生命。。。。。。虽然,还是听到观众席里有人说 好闷呀!












后记 第二天,我在繁华的大路上看到一位失去双手,同时上半身被烧伤的男子,用嘴衔着毛笔写大字,许多人驻足观看,许多人投下了钱币。我想起了昨晚林怀民的分享,他在印度时看到了无数的乞丐,每一天都得跟自己的良知斗争,帮?不帮?如何帮?如何不帮?他说,那真是一种折磨!造物者为人类创造了太多痛苦的不平等,每个人都只能无语问苍天,躲不过,痛与不痛,一样得在命运的圈圈里徘徊!那么,我们是应该尊重生命,还是鄙视生命?



Please help Japan by concrete action on 27th March at Straits Quay Penang!

I have just received a phone call from my Japanese dancer friend Hitomi, they are going to hold a charity fair on 27th March, Sunday, 11am to 6pm at Straits Quay, they need our support to help for fund raising, The fund raised will be sent directly to Japan through the Japanese Consulate General of Penang.

They need our help on:

 1. ) Charity Sale - we need donations of items from companies and
*Please donate or help to ask for donations* for things like rice cookers,
fax machine, handbags, clothes, even good condition soft toys! Items can be
second-hand or new but please donate things people would WANT to buy. We
don't want to be your unofficial garbage collector...!

 2) PERFORMACES - we need volunteers to perform, ~ dance,
songs, magic, games...
We need to have a programme of performances to draw the crowd while the
silent auction continues.

 3) Also looking for anyone who can give a talk on:-
"How to prepare for and survive a disaster"
"Survival Action 101" ~ what do do in an emergency
"What is Nuclear Energy"
"Crisis Management"
First Aid Demonstration etc
** This is so that people who attend the event will LEARN something and
prepare better for any potential disasters.

 4) We need personal resources to help with the Stage Management, Stage
, backdrop etc.

 5)  PUBLICITY - please, please, please ask your friends, relatives, fellow
club members, school teachers, cleaning ladies, your enemies... EVERYONE
to support by participating or buying!

 *With regards to the offers of help and donations, please contact the
following coordinators:-
Organizing chairperson*: Ms Emi Yamazaki*012-4139096
Cash Donations*: Mrs Lee Laines * * 012-5811123*
Food Donation*: Mrs Rumi Kudo (English)   016-4248401
Donation of Items for sale/ auction*: Ms Chika Ando *012-5008486*
Performances*: Ms Hitomi Ogawa * 016-4974087*
Kimono*: Mrs Imura Mariko *

Malaysian are so lucky, please contribute to the victim, at least donating what we can, let's pray for Japan to recover from the pain soon.....


Kindergarten VS University

Few months ago. a principal of a kindergarten contacted me to conduct few dances to her teachers for their annual concert, l charged them RM300. On the training day, the principal came to my studio personally and told me she will pay to my staff, so l proceed the training with her teachers in our dance studio.

We had fun in the class as some of the teachers were cheeky during the training, when we finished, one of the teachers gave me a big hug for the interesting class, it was a long training but they enjoyed it.

But after the teachers have gone back, my staff told me the principal did not pay us, she said she has something emergency and have to go. I called her later, she told me she will ask someone to drop a cheque to my letter box. I trusted her and waited for the cheque. After few days, no one has given us the cheque, so l called her again, she said she will check with the person she asked to pass me the cheque. After few days, there was no answer from her, so l called again. She told me the cheque is being stolen by one of her teachers, stupid me, l trusted her again. She told me she will ask another person to pass me another cheque.....

And then there were 'never ending story' of calling and waiting for the next few months, at the end, she refused to answer my phone call, then only l realised, she did not want to pay from the begining......

So l called one of her ex teachers who has resigned, she told me the principal has also owe her and many senior teachers salary, they all have left! I was shock when l heard that, and wonder how could this principal organize a concert under this situation, the ex teacher also told me the kindergarten may be no longer surviving. So l personally went to the kindergarten and to my surprise, they are still running the business and l saw some little students there. the principal was not around so l told their teachers l am there to collect my pay, and l have heard that the principal has owe the teachers salary, so l came to see whether l could still get my pay back.

I went back with empty hands of course. Later, the principal called me and scolded me for the nonsense l told her teachers, and threaten me to sue me! I told that principal, l am very disappointed of her attitude as she is in education line, l cannot imagine how is she going to educate the little kids under this terrible behavior!

In two months time, unlucky me has to face a worse experience from a university!

I wonder what has happened to our education? Can anyone simply open up a kindergarten without a proper evaluation in Penang? I think : can!

And a person who could simply threat others with bad attitude can be a vice chancellor of university too!

So where is the hope of the kids that are studying?

We have read from the news, most of the schools cover their teachers' ugly behavior to protect the school's reputation, the students are the victim! If no one standing out to reveal the scandel, how long do our kids have to suffer?

Is this the direction of our education line?


I am not in education line but my title is principal and students call me 'teacher' too, in dancing, we know how powerful is the word 'duplication', we know who is the teacher by seeing a student's moves. l always tell my students, if you want to be a good dancer, you have to be a good person first as people are watching at your soul when you dance, to me, this is very important!

How come those experts in eduation do not understand this? I think we do not need a high eduction to understand the word 'educated'.