50% Discount to all Muslims - till 30th September 2011

The great offer to our Muslim friends - up to 50% discount for enrollment and package!

We believe our Muslim friends need to do some workouts after Raya festival. In fact l always hear Malay lady friends complaing of their body shape, most Malay women own 'pear' shape body, they easily gain fat on tummy and hips, especially after long holiday. Thus, Zero hopes to encourage more of them to start doing workout, we do have many Malay members, but they usually disappear fast, be honest we seldom have Malay friends who could stay exercising longer with us, why ah? But there are some in gym, think Malay guys' endurance is much better than ladies....

Dear Muslim friends, do check out our promotion and encourage yourself to take the first step, it is not that difficult like what you imagine! Enjoy the great deal in order to enjoy great result of your fitness level in future!

Happy Merdeka Raya to all !

It is interesting to celebrate 2 festivals together, this year, l think it is first time in my life, Muslims' new year falls on the same day with our National Day, what a coincident!

So we could imagine the terrible traffic on the road these few days, especially in Penang, ha!

Zero will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, even if we open, not many are coming we know, most people are off for holiday and some may just want to stay at home to enjoy their holiday mood......We could foresee there will not be many people for the whole week.....

Selamat Hari Raya to all our Muslim friends, and Happy Merdeka to all Malaysian, wishing our country CLEANER, STRONGER and Satu Malaysia is not just a slogan!

By the way, remember to come back after the celebrations, as l know you will surely gain weight, ha!



Great Promotion for new member now!

Yes the great promotion is back, now if you sign up for 6 months unlimited workout classes and gym, we only charge RM300 instead of RM600, 50% offer! Also you get the same offer for enrollment fees, this is the best time to kick start. This promotion ends on 15th September, do not miss the great deal !

As l said, many people always think too much but never take action, hope those who have been thinking for long long time have 'guts' to start this time. And time flies, it is now towards end of the year, we should react for what we have planned to do, as for me, l have started A La Mode Fancy Station, l have finally purchased my personal medical insurance, and l have also leanrt a lot in this year. I hope l will not carry forward regretful to 2012.

What about you?


Try or Cry, Pain and Gain!

Today a lady came to enroll, she told me she intended to come from 7 years ago, she stayed nearby our studio, everyday she passes by and think of doing so but never make it happen.....7 years......

I think she is one of many, to start exercise is indeed a difficult decision to many people, there are many excuses : no time, tired, stay too far, lazy, too heavy, too skiny.......most of all, l think it is the environment, Penang's life style is very lay back, l would say most of Penangites are not hard core, people thought exercise is tiring and tough, it is not a leisure activity thus it is really difficult to kick start.

But this has never happened to me. I was very bad in sports during my school time, the main reason is l hate the exam, to me sports should be something fun. My aunty and cousin sisters have influenced me to start doing aerobics from young, as they were aerobics instructors. That's why l said environment is important, if people around you doing exercise everyday, l am sure you will follow, if people around you eating 6 meals a day, l am sure you will follow too, it is not easy to cultivate self discipline. I salute my members who exercise regularly, some of them are not coming to class only, they go jogging and hiking as well, simply because they love exercise, and if you notice, these people are tougher in life, they will not be defeated by challenging easily, in other word, they own better endurance than people who do not want to move.

I believe l have been trainned through exercise and dance practise , when l was in my own training for exercise routine, l keep telling myself another 8 counts, and another 8 counts, this is how l built my stamina,do not give up easily has then become part of my character. I could stay in tough environment too when l travel, l do not go for luxury travel most of the times as l prefer to be closed to nature, and thus it is tough, but l enjoy it.

Many may just sit down to cry and take no action, but to me l will always try. Many scare to face the pain and so they take no action, but through exercise, l understand well of the philosophy of no pain no gain, may be some people are too lucky to skip the pain in life, but their life will then be 'plain', agree?

Amsterdam in my eyes

I have been extremely busy lately, running studio and A La Mode Fancy Station has taken up all my times!

This is my life's quote : I work hard because l want to play hard, l play hard because l have worked hard! Yes, l created the quote for myself!

I am a bit slow down now, so could share a bit of my trip again over here. I was in Amsterdam after my South America trip last year, l would not say Amsterdam has amazed me, partly because l was tired after my South America's trip, but l have to agree, it is such a beautiful place and people there are mostly friendly and generous.

I like how people there appreciate cycling....

My friend 's home sweet home

The famous Red Light Street

The famous Zaanse Schans, every scene is a picture.

But the most impressive scene to me is not the scenery, one day when l was on a street, l saw a lady fell down from her bicycle, the car behind her stopped immediately and the driver got off from the car to help the lady, and the other car behind stopped immediately as well to make sure the lady is safe, the weather was so cold that time, but my heart was very warm, l wonder if the same thing happen in Malaysia here, will the drivers act the same, or they will just pass by?

Honestly l dare not think of the thing l am sure, if l am the lady, l dare not expect anyone to help me, but if l am the driver, l will definitely stop to help, and l am Malaysian!

Bachata is hot!

Darwen from Phillippine is a great teacher for Bachata, he could move well in Bachata way, to me, l would say Bachata is not difficult compare to other dances, but to express in Bachata style is not easy.....

Bachata is good for those who simply want to enjoy dancing without involving in too much technique, we are doing Bachata in solo now, may be when we have enough guys in class, we could slowly do couple dance for Bachata, but l know it is very difficult as guys in Penang do not want to dance, my students even joked with me that it is easier to find a husband than a dance partner in Penang, haha.....

Welcome for a trial if you intend to know more of Bachata.

Little kids Moves for 3 and 4 years old

We have started a new class for kids 3 and 4 years old, we used to have 'kids creative dance' for children 5 years old and above, but many parents intend to send their children below 5 years old to us, but they are too young to move in kids creative 's routine, hence, we decided to start Little kids Moves for them.

We have 11 children with us in the first lesson, most of them are smart to follow but a few are shy from the beginning, two of them cried when they stepped in the class, haha...this is very common, every kid has their own character, it does not matter but some children just need more time to get along with others.

Same as kids creative class, we will train the little kids for their coordination, flexibility, positioning as well as creativity, it is not an easy job, only people who really love children could do that, l am, so l am not worry, and the teacher for Little Kids Moves Apple is a principal of kindergarten, both of us have good experience in training children, do send your kids for a trial if you would like your kids to explore something new.


Do you gain weight from college time?

Many told me they actually gain weight from collega time. When they were in primary and high school, they usually participated in many activities, so even though they ate a lot, they did not see the fat. But college and university students do not spend much time on activities instead there is time they start to hang around a lot in Starbuck or fast food restaurant for gathering......Then they start to work and no time to exercise at all, so their weight increase every year until it is hard to get rid!

In order to encourage college and university students to start cultivating their exercise habit, we are now having this great promotion for them:


Valid till 31st August 2011.

Please help to spread out the news, we hope to see more teenagers to start exercise.

A La Mode Fancy Station

Dear Friends:

Yes! You are right! This is an alternate business for ZERO. It’s not interrelated with fitness or dance, but both comprise the common idea – creativity. Where we will ‘start from zero, moving towards creativity’ Founder of Zero, Lim Conny is not just an ordinary dancer, but a dancer filled with inspiration and creativeness. With the years of experience in dance industry, she amazes us with creative dance moves; choreography has always been her strength. At present, she intends to expand her creativity to your everyday life with a hope that everyone starts being creative and build towards a unique lifestyle. You are welcome to share your creative products with us, whether it’s a new or old for consignment. Please visit our website today: Happy shopping! Newly Opened Hot Promo – 30% discount(10 items and above) Free ZERO card for workout & gym upon purchase of RM350 (worth RM100) 

Valid until 31st August


亲爱的朋友们: 没有错,这是起飞的另类生意, 与健身舞蹈无关,但都与创意挂钩,我们要再次从零开始,向创意起飞! 起飞创办人林康妮院长不只是一个舞蹈家, 而是一个充满创意的舞蹈家, 在舞蹈界多年, 她一直不停歇创作让人惊喜的舞蹈, 编舞一直是她的强项,如今,她把·创意延伸到日常生活,希望大家一起学习做一个有创意的人,创作属于自己的精采人生! 如果您也喜爱创作,欢迎您把作品拿来吖啦么免费寄卖。 如果您有二手的创意产品,也欢迎您来寄卖。   请今天就浏览我们的网站; 祝您购物愉快! 
新张热卖 – 30% 折扣(10 件以上)
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Lipstick for men? Only RM3.50

Bring me home to leave your message, only RM2

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Not Pizza Hut, but pizza pen - only RM3.50



New Dance - Bachata

Coming up a new dance class in Zero - Bachata!

What is Bachata?

Watch this :

Oh yeah, l know it is toooo sexy, by the way, temproray we are not doing couple dance, we will start from solo, but women and men are all welcome.

Interested? Join us for our free workshop on 19th, Tuesday 8:30pm, free for you but please register, call now 6580046, limited space left!

Who is the instructor? He is Darwen all the way from Phillipine, how good is he? Come to witness with us :-)

From Wikipedia :

Bachata is a style of dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. It is danced widely all over the world but not identically.

The basics to the dance are three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a hip tap on the 4th beat just like in other Latin dances (salsa etc.). The knees should be slightly bent so the performer can sway the hips easier. The movement of the hips is very important because it's a part of the soul of the dance. Generally controlled full body movement is crucially important in the dance, but most of it comes from the hips. In partnering, the lead can decide whether to perform in open or closed position. Dance moves, or step variety, during performance strongly depends on the music (such as the rhythms played by the different instruments), setting, mood, and interpretation. Unlike Salsa (the most traditional Latin Dance), Bachata does not require many complex turns; although they are very well used when the musicality is understood and interpreted correctly. The leading is done just like in most other dances, with a “pushing and pulling” hand communication. If this is done correctly, the follower should clearly understand the intended direction. Although there is a lot of body movement in Bachata dancing, the hand communication is better understood when most of the movement is performed by the lower body (from waist down); i.e. hips and footwork.

The new Fusion Styles (mix of different dances) developed in US, Europe and Australia (Traditional, Moderna, Bachatango, BachaBallroom) is a basic dance sequence of a full 8 count in a side-to-side motion. The Original Dominican style basic dance sequence is a full 8 count moving within a square. Counts 1 through 3 and 5 through 7, when taken, generate a natural hip motion. Counts 4 and 8, consists of a tap and can include a “pop” movement depending on individual style. The 'pop' can also be executed by lifting the foot while popping the hip to the side opposite of the natural Cuban hip motion. Bachata music has a slight accent in rhythm at every fourth count, indicating when the 'pop' should happen. The tab or 'pop' is done in the opposite direction of the last step, while the next step is taken on the same direction of the tap or pop. The dance direction interchanges after every 4th count.