About this promotion....

Zero is now having great promotion for the begining of year 2012, l know many have been waiting for promotion these few months....

Be very honest, with the increment of everything including rental, staff and instructors salary, electricity, maintenance and some extra expenses, it is really tough for me to run Zero, those who close to me know this : If this is not my passion, l don't think l am able to go far.....

I believe no matter what we do, to survive is the first concern right? Giving promotion is indeed a 'hurt' to Zero, we are not able to survive by charging unreasonably low, we did this for last few promotions, l know it has been a 'tradition' for Zero's members to enjoy the low rate, so l have heard of some noise while l was considering of giving promotion again, it is really hard for me, l must make sure l have enough income to pay for all expenses, but what we charge for promotion is really not a good income to Zero.....But, in order to appreciate our regular members, we have the promtion again, l have increased the charges a bit this time, so, a few have started to make noise, sigh.....l believe l am still charging very low with the environment and service we are providing.

I joked to my staff when we were having meeting this afternoon, if anybody asking for discount again, l wanna hire him as my post, let him run the business then he will understand my dilemma.

Thank you to those who always understanding and supportive, trust me, this is my passion so l will make sure l am doing it well, but l have to survive, all Zero staff and instructors have to survive, l don't think any member of Zero is happy if we are not able to continue right?

So, in order to go far, l have to ignore the noise, apologize for that...

Luckily there are only a few making noise, mostly are supportive [ it is still a good deal la], thank you very very much! [wanna cry......]

Be healthy....

I don't know what has happened to my health, l was unhealthy the whole 2011, been sick from begining till end of the year. i used to be strong to travel, but last year l was sick while travelling too....

So, my resolution for 2012?  - Be healthy!

Thank you very much to some students who concerned of my health last Wednesday morning, after l apologized on my absence to them......

I feel bad of not showing a good example, l always tell others to take care of their health, but forgot to take care of mine, haha....

I think l have been too busy and sleep late, so this is what l gonna change in the new year, but it is difficult of not being busy, there are just too many things to follow up everyday, only when l am on vacation, l do not think of, please forgive me if l travel far, l already have few travelling itenarary in hand this year, some for dance workshops, some not......

Wishing all a healthy, happy and happening 2012!



My apology to Wednesday morning class

This is the first time happening in my life.....

I was sick from Monday, getting worse on Tuesday evening after back to back conduting ZFD and bellydance Undulation class....

I went to bed after shower when home, forgot to charge my handphone.....

So, my alarm on handphone was not working, and it happened that my alarm clock's battery 'dying' at the same time, and my family thought l wanted to rest because l was sick, so, no one called me up....and no one could reach me as my handphone was not working.....And l was not able to wake up on my own as l was really sick.....

So, l was absent from my own class last Wednesday morning! When they managed to get me, it was pretty late for the class already....

Of course, some students get angry when the class was cancelled because our staff could not find me the instructor!

Thousand apologies....l believe they know this is the first time in my life, l have never absent from my class without any notice!

When l went back to studio in the afternoon, l asked Ellif our front desk admin : No one curious why you could not find me? Some just get angry and went back, some stayed for gym, but how come no one was worry of me huh?

Conny has disappeared and no one could reach her, l believe this is strange, may be l have encountered something bad?

I am sad to know people just caring of the class but not me!

Until there was a call to studio from a member who came in the morning,asking whether l am alright......

At least one is concerning......May be others are shy to ask l told myself.......

So l have learnt few lessons from this incident, first : Must charge handphone's battery, second: Must prepare at least 2 alarm clocks and make sure they are functioning well, third : Do not expect concerning from others as our world has changed!

It is alright for me as l could not stop the world from changing, but l will insist to be a warm woman, especially after this incident!

My apology.......



We are proud of you - The Zerothoners!

Yes Yes Yes! We are very proud of our Zerothoners, they helped us to make it happened, it was such a wonderful, passionate and cheerful evening, we shout, we laugh, we dance, we hop, we shake, we sweat, we burn, all for the spirit of fitness dance and charity, you guys ROCK!

Thank you very much to our instructors who helped us to lead the class voluntarily, thank you Samet, Joann, Eeliz, Ivy, Weberlynn and, myself!

We managed to raise RM1500, we have 140 registered but only 73 turned up, and less than 40 stayed till the end of the class, this is in fact a great result, l expected to see instructors only at the end, but we still have many with us, you girls are SHEROES! We have collected some fund from many members who simply want to donate too, thank you very much! And special thanks to Angelia Ooi who has donated RM50, it is not the matter of money, but your heart.


Some of them did not want to take picture with us, or you will see more here....

I supposed to pass the fund to Guang Ming Daily to help the flood victims of Thailand, but they have stopped receiving donation, so, l have transfered the fund to help the people underpriviledge of Ladakh, India, it happened that a group of Penangites who have been to this place, working hard to raise fund to help the people there, the children have no enough clothes during the winter, also shortage of food and accomodation seriously. please visit their blog http://cuttlefishhand.blogspot, or the MIMC's website, they are now selling their custom made calendar with RM15 to help the people there, you could purchase the calendar at Zero if you wanna help them. For those who finished the whole Zerothon with us, please collect one calendar free at Zero's counter, we do not have enough to give to all, so could only give to the Sheroes. 

We hope to organize similar activity but a grand one in near future, all for charity, hope to get more support from you!

More than just 100!

Yes, we have more than 100 now, and the spirit is definitely more than 100!

Everybody is exciting and talking about what to wear for Zerothon, we request all to wear red because we want to be HOT enough to kill the floor!

3 hours workout is not easy, it is ok if you could not finish 3 hours,you could always take a break, but please company us to the end for group photo, we want to see every participant at this memorable moment.

Ready? Go!

Towards 100!

Yes, our target to get 100 participants for Zerothon is very possible now, we are very close to 100!

I could not tell you how excited we are, and for me, besides exciting, l am is a real motivation in my life of fitness and dance, honestly, l really hope we could do more in future, for charity, may be our contribution is little, but it brings a hope to our community if everybody is willing to do a little, right?

Be honest, l am not a positive person when it comes to human being, l have seen a lot and of course being disappointed, but l am trying to adjust myself to view  from positive angle, the response of Zerothon is a great motivation to me, thank you!

We need more supports from you!

To my surprise, the response of Zerothon is very good this time, we have over 40 registered till now, but, we hope to get more, our two studios could accomodate up to 100 people, so, please help to spread the news around, we need more supports from you!

By the way, the response is encouraging, thank you very much to our lovely members!

Few years ago, l did organize the similar event which we had different workout and dance classes going on the whole day, but the response was bad, and l was scolded by some members even, they did not want to spend extra money and claiming that l am 'busybody' for charity, my heart was hurt and dare not organise the event anymore....

When Samet suggested the idea to me, l told her what l have experienced, but l was thinking to try again, in fact what l am scared is not the poor response, but the ugly humanity that l may need to face one more time, it is really hurt.....anyway, l decided to try again and glad that the response is totally different this time, l went class by class to promote and so far none has scolded me, instead many registered immediately, honestly this is really to my surprise, as l am prepared to be scolded again thus when people smile to me, l was shock but this feeling is great!

Hopefully, Penangites started to have more sense of the words 'participation' and 'passion' which l truly found it is seriously 'lack' in Penang Island. This is the main reason why l am travelling frequenlty, l need inspiration of life but l could not get it here due to most people's mind set, l am not sure how far people have improved but l am always praying hard for the hopes!

Once again, thank you for your support and hope to get more supports from you! And of course, thank you to Samet for the great suggestion!

Let's Zerothon for charity!


Please, support us for this charity Zerothon, challenge your stamina and burn your fat in 3 hours workout back to back, Samet, Ee Liz, Weberlynn, Joan, Ivy and l will take turn to conduct the whole routine, please, contribute your sweat for a good purpose, we need your support!

We need your support!

We need your support!

We need your support!

Satu Zero!

I hate racist, so please don't be missunderstanding...

As we are now  having promotion for our Indian friends under Deepavali, and last month there was a promotion for Muslim friends under Raya,so some Chinese members of Zero joked to me that this is a racist....hey if you know me well, you know l am those who make friend with people all over the world, racist? It has never happened to me!

On the contrary, we are doing this to welcome more Malay and Indian friends, the ratio of our members is Chinese 80%, Indian 15% and Malay 5%, so, where are they?

I am not sure Satu Malaysia will be sucessful, but l could assure Satu Zero!

So, our dear Indian friends, please check it out, the promotion ends 15th of this month, hope to see you in Zero!

Little Mae Mae was waiving her hands to us before entering the class, at the Brampton primary school of London, so this is the real 'Satu', Satu London!

A lovely ZERO blouse from Cheryll

I am sooo happy to receive a lovely gift from one of my lovely belly dance students Cheryll, she bought me a nice blouse with big word ZERO!

She said when she saw the blouse, immediately she thinks of me, l should be the one who own the blouse, she understands me, l really feel warm and sweet with this lovely gift, big thanks to Cheryll ! Everybody told me the blouse just fit me well, l am ZERO, haha!