Zumba 's good and bad

I know, i know, Zumba is really hot in Malaysia now, every Zumba class is packed, people have fun in class and fall in love easily, l have to say, the founder of Zumba Beto Perez is real sucessful.

In fact, l have started Zumba before Beto created Zumba, but l called it Jazzrobics, and changed the name to cardio dance untill today, the difference is Zumba specifiy on Latino music and style which Cardio dance can be any style, on top of that, we do toning or floor exercise in Cardio dance,Zumba usually no.

Is Zumba a good workout? Definitely YES! But is Zumba enough for workout? to me, the answer is NO!

Zumba is a good workout because it is easy, fun and hot, everybody can Zumba, the music is HOT enough to make everybody moves and the steps are simple enough to make everybody follows, it is not only a workout, but a workout party, those who do not enjoy aerobics may fall in love with Zumba, so more people are willing to start moving, at this point, Zumba is really good.

But as what l have seen, there are more and more people get crazy with Zumba and they only want Zumba, they do not want to do any stretching, toning or shaping, simply Zumba, so this is the question, do you think doing Zumba only is enough for workout result?

I can tell you, many Zumba instructors do not have basic knowledge in fitness, as it is impossible to provide enough fitness knowledge in one or two days Zumba instructor training, and the training is usually in a big group, how much you can learn from this training? Most people enroll the training for the paper - the certificate, it is interesting that there are also many joining Zumba instructor training simply because they love Zumba, but they don't intend to teach, this proves that Zumba makes people crazy huh. Hence, at this aspect, can you expect people who have the certificate are qualified to be an instructor?

I would say, Zumba's instructor training should be for existing fitness instructors, if you do not have good knowledge in fitness, don't think you can start teaching by simply attend one or two days course.

To me, Zumba is not a dance, it is workout, so it should not be only for burning, to be a Zumba instructor is too easy, just pay, attend, copy, but to be a qualified Zumba instructor is another topic, it should not be that easy.

If you are addicted to Zumba now, please take a look, are you doing only burning now? Does the instructor know much about fitness? Does he know how to do a safety and effective workout?

I love Zumba but l am not blind, we should do a balance workout, burning, stretching, toning and shaping are the whole package, we should do a balance workout.




RM36371.95 is the amount we raised for Malaysia 5th World Belly Dance Day Charity Event, RM10156.70 is the amount we raised from ZxZ Zumbathon, thank you very much to everyone's contribution to make this happened once again, what you have helped us is such meaningful to our beneficiaries.

Some people may think this is not a big amount, but to me it is definitely not small amount, you cannot imagine the hard work behind, as l mentioned many times here, Zero has no strong background,  we are just normal people from normal family, we do not have financial support for all our events, every single cent we raise is a treasure to us, because even a single cent is not easy to us......

My sincere thanks to YB Danny Law of Penang tourism for the endorsement to Malaysia 5th World Belly Dance Day, Bayview Beach Resort for the subsidy to the dinner, and YB Phee for the sponsorship of venue rental to our Zumbathon, without their help we are not able to achive this amount.

Most of all, we hope to create the awareness to help people in need, and l think, we have done our part.

Paying donation to Home Dynamics' founder Mr Hua PHD, a wise man whom l respect a lot.

Paying donation to Madam Mariam and Miss Loh from Women's Center For Change.

Paying donation to Patsy from Kechara.

The fattest in Penang!

Do you know? Malaysia has the most fatties in whole Asia? And do you know? Among all states in Malaysa, Penang has the biggest amount of fatties?


Look around, how many people around you doing exercise once a week? I can assure you the percentage is very low!

Only once a week is not enough of course, but many do not even move once a week, or one hour a week!

If you ask for my response, l will tell you this is scary. I know you will say : Of course you say this way la, you want more business ma!

Yes l want business for sure, but l hope to let more people know their body need to do exercise too, it is ok if they do not come to Zero, but they exercise in other fitness centers, or they go to the park for jogging, or swimming, or playing badminton, or hiking, or cycling....there are many actvities they can do, look around, how many do this?

Imagine if you buy a new car, but you just park the car in the garage, never drove the car, can you tell me the condition of the car after one year?

We are human, we have a body, hands and legs, we need to move!

Many people treat exercise as a luxury, or something to do when they are very free, how terrible is this wrong concept huh? Exercise is a must in our life, it is like eating and sleeping, a must do, it is not something you can neglect, well, there are too many people neglecting this, and when they start to realize how important is exercise, they may be too old to move already, this is sad isn't?

To me, workout in class is convenient, effective, safe and fun, of course it is important to select a qualified instructor, a professional instructor knows how to burn your fat, tone your body, enhance your heart function, accelerate your metabolism, all in safety way. Most of all, it is fun to workout with a group of people who love exercise like you, they all look fit and young, if you are not fit like them yet, they are your target, this is a good motivation isn't?

If you go jogging, you may not tone your upper body and abs, and many may not know how fast and how long should jog for the result. If you hike too much, l guarantee you will break your knees one day. If you play badminton, you work too much on one side of your body, it is not a balance workout. If you swim, you may have bulgy shoulders. That's why, l am doing workout in class, l can assure my students have a balance workout, they will burn their fat, tone and shape up, and sweat.... and so they will be more healthy yet more happy, to me, this is the best career in the world [provided l am not running a studio la, running studio is tiring and a lot of effort needed, well, anyway, it is my choice and my passion] l am helping myself at the same time l could help more people.

Regardless of fitness, when you do sufficient exercise, your body will produce endorphin to help your mind to feel relief and happy, and adrenaline to boost the blood circulation in order to deliver nutrition to every part of our body, this is what exerise for actually.

Penang has too much good food to allow people indulge in food easily, well l enjoy eating so much, that's why l exercise. And Penang is too small, people don't walk much, under this environment, most Penangites are lazy to walk, they park their cars right in front of the place they want to enter, not willing to walk a little bit extra, hey who lose in the end?

Remember, you are eating everyday, hence you should do exercise everyday, that simple.

How much?

This is a question l have been asked very regularly, don't get me wrong, they are not asking how much is Conny, but how much for Zero's courses, performance, vacancy, etc.......

Almost everyday, we receive emails and phone calls asking for Zero's charges, and most of them have never visited Zero, l always curious on this, they find out the charges first instead of finding out the classes and environment? Which one is more important? Which one is priority? If charges is everything, does it mean l just have to charge cheap cheap then ignore the quality, service and environment?

Many people approaching me for performance too, they have never asked how good l am or what l can dance, they always ask one question only : How much?

Zero is now looking for a full time Customer support and part time front desk assistant, the same, there are people calling and asking this question on phone: How much is the pay?

Honestly, when people approaching me and ask 'how much' as first question, l am angry deep inside my heart. May be Zero is not the best fitness center and dance studio in Penang, but we are running Zero with our hearts, sincerity and passion, we are trying to provide good service, upgrading the quality of classes and do our best to keep the environment clean and comfortable, please see this, this cannot be calculated by amount, i am very sad when people come to Zero simply because our charges is cheap, we charge reasonable because we hope to attract more people to cultivate habit of exercise, not because we are 'cheap'!

Some people approached me for performance in this way: Conny l just want to have some entertainment, you can sent your students, don't need professional la, as long as the price is cheap will do, but l want those young and sexy one ya!

X#Y*&XX%#((YX##!!! What is the hell!

And those who are looking for job, they thought everyone is same price, so l can tell them how much they worth without seeing them!

Sigh...honestly, this happens mostly in Penang, quality is difficult to survive because most people do not appreciate this, but is this the right attitude?


Yes, finally, my two big events are over.......It indeed has taken me forever .....I am glad that they are finished sucessfully but at the same time feel hard to say goodbye to my events....

The 5th World Belly Dance Day is considered the most successful one since it started, l have received so much good comments from the audience, especially those who was first time joining us, they told me they did not expect it was such a good show and they were touched by the effort of the committee and the performers, l am very proud of them!

We are closing the account now, after World Belly Dance Day, we did not take any break and straight away working full force for ZxZ Zumbathon with Zero Charity Event, it was successfully hold last night at Han Chiang Stadium, so in the following week, we have to work to close two accounts for both events, we will announce the fund raised on paper, studio's board, Zero's website and Facebook soon.

Relief a sigh now, and time to come back to studio......



Bin O O !

Please pronounce this in Hokkien, if you do not know Hokkien, this means 'Black Face' or more appropriate ' to fierce expression'...

This is the common faces expression of Penang people, l believe most of us do not have intention to show this, but it is just a habit under our environment, everybody is 'Bin O O' so if l am the only one not showing 'Bin O O', l look funny, right?

There was one time l had many members who always 'Bin O O' even l smile to them face to face, after l posted about this on my blog once, l have seen a great improvement. Unfortunately, l have experienced the same again lately, not the regular member, but mostly from new member, they do not know me, when l smile to them in the studio, they just show me 'Bin O O', which l thought may be my smile is too ugly or l have done something to make them angry??? Hmmm...l think these are not the reasons, the reason should be as simple as , they do not know me, so even l smile to them, why should they smile to me? And this happens mostly on those very young people.....i thought young people should be more lively and friendly? I am sad to see this, what has happened to our youth? 

If you notice, the youth in Malaysia are facing many problem nowadays, there were too many cases of commit suicide, too many being neglected, too many have attitude problem...


Parents, if you happen to read this blog of mine, can you do something? Can you show a good example to train your kids? Because, l strongly believe parent is the one should bear the responsibilty.

But before that, perhaps the parents should be educated how to be father and mother first, l have seen some successful examples, but there are more disappointed cases....ok just my point of view....

If you are the parent and you always 'Bin O O', l don't think you will have happy children, that simple......



This is the donation we raised for Kechara Soup Kitchen to help the homeless, under activity of ZxZ Zumba Party at Zero.

It is definitely not a big amount, but this is from the love and caring of people who love exercise, everyone contributes a bit, one day it will be a great help.

I always believe people who have ability should give a hand to people underprivileged, the reason is simple, we do not know when we are the one who need help, our life is a circle isn't? And we are lucky to have ability to help others, l hope l could remain the luck to work on helping people, than to do nothing to wait for the luck to stay away from me one day. Sad to say, there are too many people who are blessed to have good luck, never appreciate what they have, never understand others' pain thus never give a hand......

Zero is trying to set up an example to create awareness to help people who are less fortune, in these few months time, we have done two charity events, and another one is around the corner, it is not an easy job for me and our team, it invloves a lot of effort and time spending, and as for me, l have no time to take good care of Zero in order to run the events, it is a loss from business view and at the same time, money spent to contribute to the events, but l will never regret, l think this is what every human should practise, and l truly believe it has to be done with sincere heart.

Please help us to help others!

This is another charity event this Friday at Han Chiang Stadium, come join us for three hours non stop Zumba party with all Zumba's instructors, you will dance, shake, burn, have lots of fun, at the same time contribute to poeple underprivileged, we need your support!

A Legend to me!

We had our 7th bellydance show 'The Legend' on 18th February, l was so glad to hold the show at Penang Performing Art Centre located at Straits Quay, it is a nice theatre with complete sound system and lighting, as a performer, to perform on a nice stage is always a dream, you don't know how important is a good stage to us! I am really happy to see Penang Pac in Penang, believe we will have more and more good shows in dance, music and drama happening in Penang, l am looking forward.......

Many people asked me why is the theme 'Legend', oh it is because of the VIP performer Nath Keo from Canada, to me, Nath is a legend, he was born in Kav Lan Refugee Camp on the border of Thailand and Cambodia and immigrated to Canada at the age of nine, what he has experienced in Cambodia did not stop him to become a positive person with strong spirit, and yet, he has never forgotten his root, Back in February 2006, Nath was ordained as a Bikkhu Theravada Buddhist Monk at Wat Tuol Taong,Cambodia.Today, he still speaks khmer, sing khmer, dance khmer, and have very close relationship with his relatives in Cambodia, when he tells about Cambodia, he says 'my country', when he tells about Canada, he says' My city', l know the difference to him, even though he is very westernized nowadays, but he still remains his Asian culture and spirit. Most of all, his great personality and talent in dance is an inspiration to me.

I had very difficult childhood time too, but compare to his, mine is nothing, everytime l see him, l told myself to be stronger in life, he is no doubt a 'legend' to me.

The Legend show has sucessfully organised with the support of my students, performers and the audience, once again, l stood on the stage to thank one by one, people may thought it is not necessary, but i know how important it is to me, as a dance enthusiast, performing art is a mission to me, l can only make it happen with the support of all these people.

In fact, every show is a legend to me too.....

I am still waiting for the pictures from our pro photographers, this picture was taken two years ago Nath second visit in Penang.

2012 Zero's annual dinner -Prince & Princess

We had our 8th annual dinner at Red Box last Saturday, the theme was 'Prince & Princess' this time, so once again, they all have to 'dig' their brain to think of what to wear....

If we have the best costume of the night, guess who is the winner?

But l sincerely think he looks more like a pirate la, haha....

It was a very fun and exciting evening, you know la,we are in dance and fitness line, all are sporting, so our catwalk and karaoke session were full of scream and laughters, as usual.....

It was also our workout instructor Ivy's birthday, so we celebrated her birthday together.

Make wishes, hoping we have a wonderful 2012....

Exchanging gift....

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone here again, because of your passion and tremendous effort, Zero has become a wonderful studio, even though this is not a profitable business, but with your love and support, l believe Zero is able to go very far.......

Please throw the cans and bottles into the pail, thank you!

If you notice, Zero supports environmental friendly 100%, we do not throw used paper instead we store all in a box, for the cans and bottles as well, when the boxes are full, we will pass them to charity organization.

We put the notice to remind the members not to throw the cans into dustbin, unfortunately, there are still many in the dustbin everyday especially from gym members......

Don't be angry if l am saying this: why Penangites are so difficult to be educated huh? the pail is just next to the dustbin and the notice is right beside them , l don't understand what is the difference of throwing the cans into pail? It is more convenient either as they do not have to open the cover of the dustbin, so, why?

I think, it is the habit!

I always wish to give a comment to our CM, since he is working so hard to improve Penang's environment and every Penangite has seen the result, but l strongly feel that he should organise more campaignes to educate Penangites, if you stay in Penang, you know, most of Penangites are very stubborn, it is really hard for them to change.....may be campaigne is not enough, penalty is the best way as Penangites are famous with our stingy....Or, should punish those people who simply throw rubbish everywhere to stay in a rubbish room for a month!

My dear members, please, throw the cans and bottles to the pail next to the dustbin, so our cleaning lady and all our staff and me do not have to pick them up from dustbin everyday. All the proceeds will go for charity and we help to save our environment, l don't understand why is this so difficult for you?

Sigh...please think of our next generation, if you do not cultivate a good habit, how are you going to educate them?