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Gong Xi Fa Cai 2014!

It has been indeed a long long time I did not have chances to update my blog, I was too busy for the whole year of 2013 till December, I used to travel for study or vacation 2 to 3 times a year, but last year, I was helpless, could not away from Zero at all...

Anyway, I am so glad that after many months of hard work and effort, finally, Zero has expanded and being stable, no one could understand the hardship i have gone through, anyway, it is over ;-)

So, I have confidence we will have a wonderful 2014, even I know this year is a challenging year for all Malaysian, but Zero has a very strong team now, we work as a family, we know we will handle all challenges with the team spirit we have!

 I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our Chinese members and students Gong Xi Fa Cai, wishing non Chinese friends too a happier, healthier and fitter 2014!

2014, a year of Horse, GO!

Join us for Zumba Flash Mob and Hip Hop this Saturday for Georgetown Festival

Hi everyone who loves exercise and dance, you are invited to join Zero for a Zumba Flash Mob on street on 29th June, this coming Saturday 8:30pm.

This program is under Georgetown festival for street entertainment, it is going to start at 5pm till midnight, lots of happening program for all, Zero will take part for Zumba Flash Mob, a Zumba party and also a Hip Hop Performance by Moving Force leading by our instructor Albert.

For those who want to learn flash mob steps upfront, these are the videos you can follow:

Hope to see you there, let's make Georgetown happening :-)

To Bersihkan Zero!

A member of Zero approached me and told me softly: Conny go ahead of what you think is right, you do not have to care what other people say.

Oh thank you very much, think she has heard of something so she wanna show her support, thank you!

A student of USM interviewed me last week for their university's magazine, she was shock when she visited Zero, she thought we are just a small fitness centre, she asked me : Why are you so low profile Conny? She also told me most of business men rejected her interview because she is just a student, she was curious of why l did not reject her, and also why Zero does not have branch since we look established.

To open a branch is easy. l just have to search for a place, get bank loan, renovate, hire some instructors and staffs, advertise...done, l can open the door, if Zero is a business minded fitness studio, if my aim in this line is only money, Zero already has lots of branches everywhere, because there are people approaching me to open up branches now and then.

BUT, l am concerning of Zero's spirit and quality of my life much more than money, this is what l struggle for in a business too...

Recently, due to Zero's expansion, l am working non stop to reformat the system, i have done some 'cleaning', some people have left and some came in, it is not an easy decision, before l make the decision, l have foreseen the consequence, l know l have to face some people's blaming and even more than that, but l insist people who work for Zero are people who agree with Zero's spirit, we want to work as a team, there is no gossiping, no bad mouthing and no competition in Zero, l insist, healthy should be for both mind and body, well, of course not all agree with me, and l do not need all to agree with me too, l just need who agree with Zero stay with us and together we build a better life.

Who wants to please everyone? It is too tiring isn't?

Because of this, when l am not sure l have enough man power with Zero's spirit, l wil not open branches, when it happens one day, you know we are well prepared.

There are over 200million people in Penang [ correct?], how many categories of people out there? A lot right? I do not need everyone to walk in to Zero, this is impossible, l just hope people who agree with us, who agree healthy should be for both mind and body, who wish to exercise in a 'clean' environment, who intend to exercise simply exercise...please come to us, l believe people with same energy will attract each other and you will feel yourself home.

My aim is that simple, to build a clean Zero with healthy mind and body, and so people who have same energy with us will come in....

Zero is UNISEX!

I think, because l am a lady, and Zero emphasised on workout and dance classes more than gym for past few years, some men thought Zero is only for ladies....OH NO! Zero is unisex, we welcome man sincerely!

If you have not visited new Zero, welcome to visit us and you wil see the difference,we have brought in new equipment and increase some free weights, we also have the very first fitness program in Penang - X-Fit Challenge by our gym instructor Jerry, now Zero's gym session is about 7000 sqft, every evening, there are men challenging themselves in our X-Fit room or in gym.

Of course we will not neglect our workout classes as this is Zero's base, we have increased our workout classes to 27 classes a week, and now we have 9 different types of workout classes for your option, we hope to see more guys joining us in workout studio......

After new Zero's grand opening, l fell sick, finally.....for the past 4 months, l have gone through such hectic schedule, heavy workload and stress, yet l do not have the right to fall sick, l think l have to thank my body for helping me to go through the tough moment and stay healthy when l need to be strong, now my body has enough work so it started to make noise, haha.... l told my body, the grand opening is over, but the challenge has  just started, l have to make sure Zero is good enough to survive and strong enough to move forward, l know this year is gonna be a very tough year for me, besides to face it, handle and work hard for it, l have no other choice.....

Anyway, l have confidence on ourselves, as our slogan said : Zero, perform like HERO!

Be Real FIT in 2013!

Believe this is what everyone is aiming for, but as for Zero and me, it is not what to aim for only, but a MUST to achieve!

We have moved our reception and workout studio to level 2 of Gembira Parade, the new workout studio is big enough to fit in 150 people, we have offically entered the new era of Zero, more mission to be completed and more upgrades to be done, but, please give us time, it is definitely a tough work for us, we are not afraid of the difficult task, but we need more time to complete one by one.......

Ever since our soft opening on 6th February, l have received so much suggestions, l understand many Zero members are concerning of Zero, most of us are growing together, but trust me, whatever you have thought of, l have already thought of it too, sometimes, imagination is just imagination, when it comes to real, there will be a lot of obstacles that blocking the way thus we have to change planning, what you have seen for new Zero now is the best l can do for it under the building's structure, the constrution and of course, money concern....

Yes, you cannot imagine the stress of limited budget and time, l believe Zero is the only big fitness center in Penang without any financial support, l have to make sure l do not waste every single cent that being used, because every single cent that we earn is from lots of sweat and hard work, again, l have to say, you cannot imagine how difficult it is, l appreciate if people appreciate us, if you do not, at least please do not insult us......

So far, Zero has many great members who have been so supportive and loving, my heartfelt thanks to everyone of them, and l promise Zero will be real FIT in 2013, because we have started the journey, there is no turning back, we have to move forward!

Zero to Hero !

Believe everyone has their own defination about life, as for me, life is all about happiness, and happiness is from love and peace, it is not related to money at all, that's why, all income and success l get is from my effort, l am happy to survive myself with my own effort, l have never thought of 'snatching' from others, because l know if l do that, l will not be happy.

But this is only my own point of view, others may be totally different, l wonder how can we feel nothing when we hurt others for own benefit? but through experience, l have seen, it is very true that there are people who do not work hard for what they want, instead they always seize from people who already have it, yet, they feel 'nothing'..... And there are people who create story to bad mouth others or ruin others' name too, when they want to get something in a short cut way.

Sad to say, this happens in fitness and dance circle, very often, l think this is sad and sick because fitness and dance is a healthy activity, the behavior and mind should be healthy too, isn't it?

Because of those bad things that have almost non stop happening to me, l have thought of giving up, many times....

Of course l did not, l am still here, and become stronger to handle these people who are totally different from me.

And l insist, l will NOT do the same, because l will not have happiness in life if l become this type of people, in fact these people are pity because they have to think of many ways to framed people all the times, tired isn't it?I wonder when they get very old one day and the life is towards the end, what will they feel?

You may say why shall l be so serious of this type of issues, these people are not killing or burning others, they just get people in trouble, it is not big matter, but in my religion believe, bad mouthing and snatching are big issues, it is not so much different than killing.

I am sharing this because l define health from body and mind, if your body is very fit but your mind if full of rubbish, you are more sick than a cancer patient!

I cannot stop people from sick in mind and behave sickly to others, usually this type of people will not change, l can only create a healthy environment to attract people who have positive energy and together we build a better life, when our mind is fit enough to become a hero, we do not have to scare of bad energy, right?

Strong, Stronger.......

Through experience, l know, besides to appreciate people who love and support us, we also have to thank those who are trying hard to let us down or defeating us.....

I am just a woman who love dancing and exercise, honestly, l have never thought of being a business woman, the set up of Zero is to provide a happy, healthy and cozy environment to people who love exercise and dance like me, that simplel.....

I have never thought of having 2nd or 3rd Zero too, to me, l would prefer to spent time to travel around then to tight up myself in a business.....

But, again and again, l met challenge from 'those people', and because of them, Zero and l have both become stronger, that's why l said, l shall thank them instead.....

Two months ago, l was told that XX fitness planned to take up the floor right below Zero in Gembira Parade to compete with Zero, it was a shocked news to me, after many sleepless nights of consideration, l told myself there are only two ways l can do, moving out or take the place for Zero....l am not scared of XX fitnese, but l feel tired to compete business in this way, after all, it is just my passion and hobby, l am not doing a millionaire business, why shall l face the competition everyday since l have developed Zero 8 years here?

Hence, l decided to take up level 2 to expand Zero to 20,000sqft, and because of this incident, l decided to develop Zero in action, now l know, when l am not strong enough, l will be bullied easily and all my effort may gone ......




Honestly, if l am not doing Belly Dance, l will not explore much on what is INNER STRENGTH about, that's why, l appreciate Belly Dance very much, even Belly Dance is no more a trend like few years back, l will continue teaching Belly Dance because l know many people will be benefited from this dance art if they are willing to learn in proper way.

And because l am also a fitness instructor, l know how to use my external strength too, hence, over the years l have been trying to combine the two techniques and found this amazing.....

I am going to conduct my first 'Invisible Exercise' on 11st November, Invisible exercise is what l created from my experience in fitness and dance, there are many good dancers but may be they are not good in fitness, there are also many good fitness instructor but very rare can dance professionally, l don't mean l am very good in both, but at least, l am very experience in both,so l think l should combine the unique technique from both fitness and dance to share with more people, this is how it happened.

Invisible Exercise is an exercise you can do anytime and anywhere with any outfit, because it is invisible, no one knows you are doing exercise, but you are actually working on your inner muscle, that's why the result is visible.But l have to tell you this is not for fat burning because basically you are not moving, we must 'move' for the result of burning, this is mainly to get rid of hidden fat and toning up sagging area on our body.

Still have doubt? Why not joining me for the workshop? I guarantee you will learn something unique from my experience, l only charge RM10 for Zero member and RM30 for non member, if you are not satisfy after the workshop, l will refund you the money, because, l am very sure you will be benefited :-)

Invisible Exercise with Visible Result

What is this?

Doing exercise while no one knows you are exercising ! This ‘Magical’ exercise will help you to train your inner strength to work on your own muscles. Most importantly, you can do it ANYTIME, ANYWHERE with any outfit !


The Benefits

1.       Get rid of hidden fat.

2.       Toning up sagging area of your body.

3.       Strengthen your inner muscle.

4.       Great help for good posture.

5.       Simple and Easy to follow.

6.       You can do it anytime, anywhere.

7.        No product and equipment are needed.


Created by Conny with 20 years of experience in fitness and dance, wanna find out the secret?



Register now to secure your place, trust me, it gonna helps you A LOT!

Zumba under the moonlight and Gangnam Style Flash Mob,please join us!

I have been busy like mad again lately, too many training and events, besides, there are classes and classes to conduct everyday, haha, working like a machine now...

Anyway, l enjoy teaching every class, so, this is not a complain :-)

And l am so excited to share this with you :

It is FREE, everyone can join, please help us tp bring your gang to make Penang a fun and wonderful island.

As for the Gangnam Style tutorial video, please learn online here, if you cannot view this, please go to the video link of our website, you will find this.

This is a whole day event from 12pm, there will be Gangnam style Challenge, Variety Dance shows, Lantern parade and Zumba party under the moonlight, all is free for you, don't miss this !