Belly Dance

If you have ever watched a belly dancer, you have probably been held mesmerized by her hypnotic movements. Each shimmy and graceful undulation a an expression of strength and femininity.

Belly dance is perhaps the oldest form of dance. Its origins can be traced back to ancient Oriental, Indian and Middle Eastern cultures. Traditionally, belly dance was performed as part of ancient fertility rituals and goddess worship ceremonies.

This dance was once nicknamed "dans du ventre" (dance of the stomach) by the French; hence, the poorly translated term "Belly Dance". Another common name for the dance is Beledi, meaning "dance from the country", which refers to the folkloric dance style of the countryside of Upper Egypt, from which many modern bellydance movements stem. Another name for the dance is "Raks Sharqi" (pronounced Raks Shar-key), which means "Dance of the East".

Belly dancing is characterized by articulated isolation movements, undulations, intricate patterns of hip isolations, ribbon-like arm and torso undulations, percussive locking movements, circular hand movements, and shaking or fluttering movements (shimmies). Facial expressions are used to convey the meaning of the song, be they soulful or joyful, as dancers are expected to "feel" the music and express emotion to the audience. Exceptional control and use of the stomach should also be noted, as almost all movements, even walking movements, originate from the stomach.

Belly dancing is a total workout for the body, mind and spirit, it actually promotes a positive mental attitude about your body. Women who belly dance feel more confident and at ease with their figures.

Conny's Experience in Belly Dancing

The Zero's belly dancing is one of the most authentic belly dance in Malaysia. Zero teaches Egyptian style belly dancing as the foundation and followed by other belly dance fusion. Belly dancing in Zero is famous through the effort of its founder Ms Conny, a charming, creative and courteous belly dancer. Conny is the only qualified International Belly Dance teacher trained under Raqia Hassan, an acclaimed belly dance master from Cairo, Egypt, in the Northern Region of Malaysia. She has studied belly dancing from the world's famous belly dance superstars in Egypt, Turkey, Singapore and Australia. With her very special class routine, teaching techniques and beautiful movements, she has over 1000 students under belly dance and she is a teacher of many belly dance teachers in the Northern Region.


The Zero offers authentic, effective and professional belly dance class, so why wait? Join our Belly Dance classes today! We offer both adult and children classes.

The Zero also has a specially crafted set of choreographies for Belly Dancers or Teachers called the Rhythm of Desert which you may purchase as part of your Private or Instructor Courses. For details, please go to "Rhythm of the Desert" page.