About Us

About Us
On March 28, 2004, Ms. Lim Conny’s passion to create a friendly and healthy space for exercise and dance gave birth to The Zero Fitness Dance Studio. The Zero has been operating on the principle of professional coaching and unreserved sharing since its inception. Within its first year of operation, The Zero has expanded its studio area and classes three times. To date, its spacious Workout Studio, Dance Studio and Gym have boosted a total area of over 20,000 square feet.

Why we named the studio ZERO?
It symbolizes the ambition of "from Zero to Hero" as well as the characters of humility, unity and infinity.

Humility ~ We hope that our instructors, staffs, members and students are humble and will socialize with all races at all levels of the society. 

Unity ~ As the symbol of zero ("0") symbolizes unity in Chinese (团圆), our studio gives emphasis on the spirit of unity and co-operation among our instructors and staffs.

Infinity ~ if one cannot achieve one's target, do not despair.One can still continue to achieve until it works. We can always start again from zero!

The Aim:
At Zero, you will always see smiling faces and hear laughter besides dynamic dance steps and lively music. To keep building and upgrading a warm and happy environment is one of the aims and responsibilities of Zero. We share our knowledge and experiences about living a healthy lifestyle and fitness without reservation, as well as promoting positive thinking and well being.